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Future of Business Travel Post Covid

How business travel will transform post Covid?

The ghastly outbreak of Covid-19 has rattled the entire world. Several People have been enduring the gruesome phase of their life for over a year now. The pandemic hasn’t spared any business to survive...
Board Games for Kids

The interesting board games for kids to play during this lockdown

The severity of Pandemic has isolated everyone inside their own homes. As you can’t take your kids to their favourite spots now, this is really a distressing period. But it doesn’t mean that you...
time to cook delicious dishes

Simple and healthy recipes to try at home during this lockdown

Before Lockdown, you might not have spent more hours in the kitchen amid the busy work lifestyle. But this is the time to try the new healthy recipes and discover the cook in you....
Travel books that will kindle inner adventurer in you

Travel books that will kindle inner adventurer in you

Regardless of the official forbiddance to travel worldwide due to the severely contagious coronavirus, there is still a way to induce serious wanderlust. Be transferred to those compelling travel places by simply sitting at...