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The hotels for couples offered by Bag2Bag Rooms come equipped with certain couple-specific amenities to turn your stay memorable. Experience extreme privacy and safety!

go on a romantic holiday

Spectacular places to celebrate valentine’s day in India

Valentine’s day is nearing, so the world is getting ready to embrace love. Millennial couples are super excited to revive magical moments and express pure love on this special occasion. Bring more joy into...
Flexible Hotels on hourly basis

Are you adopting the changed ways of hotel booking?

The hotel industry has seen a huge turnaround in recent years. The prime focus is offering more flexibility and safety to travellers. Hotel booking is now easily accessible with just a few taps away!...
Amazing city of Bangalore

The most thriving localities in Bangalore for a cosy living

The city of Bangalore still preserves the traditional appeal and culture despite facing huge advancements. The unrivalled growth of IT industries has expanded Bangalore beyond its boundaries. Voguish restaurants, unique-themed cafes, pubs and shopping...
travelling together as a couple can enrich your bond

How travelling together as a couple can enrich your bond

Travel is the way to experience the miraculous moments of life. It gets further excited with the company of your loved one. You need someone special to share emotions all along the way. The...
Money saving tips on hotel booking

Tips to save huge on hotel bookings

Are you ready to pack your bags for the next destination? In order to experience a soothing journey, accommodating in a safer and pocket-friendly hotel environment is crucial. Ultimately, the hotel provides a gentle...