Why Booking Couple Friendly Hotel With Bag2Bag is So Special?

Spending time with your loved one is really an unforgettable feeling for you. However, if you want to travel with your partner and stay in a hotel, you will not find this type of accommodation without problems, because a majority of the Indian society is still opposed to unmarried couples seeking accommodation in a hotel room.

Therefore, the best option is to stay in a Bag2Bag hotel for couples. If you are traveling to any of the Metro Cities in India, you will find some of the best hotels for couples. Here's
why staying in Bag2Bag couples hotels i will be a special experience for you.

No outside interference: No one interferes in your personal life, even if you are single once you are housed in a hotel welcoming couples.

Keeping the prices intact: One of the main benefits of staying in  Bag2Bag hotels for couples is that your privacy will be respected.

Safety and Security: When you are staying with a couple, you will not bear unnecessary legal worries.

Finally, if you want to spend …

Explore the Places in Mumbai With Mumbai Darshan on your First Visit

Mumbai is really the spirit of everything in India. Mumbai is a Crazy City Most of the Bollywood People are Located in the City. and Most of India's millionaire's are From Mumbai. Mumbai is hot, dirty, crazy, beautiful, relentless and inspiring! It is the most popular city in the country and there is a huge gap between the ridiculously rich and the poor of the right. But, in a way, it works. Its wild energy is captivating and will make you want to come back for more.
But when you first enter the City, It can be difficult to find your feet. If this is the first place where you land in India,  It's good to make sure you know where to go to get some of the action! The city is scattered over a vast territory and there are few places where it is essential to make the most of your visit. Here is a guide for  Places in Mumbai on Your First Visit that will help you during your trip to Mumbai.
Where you Stay
The place you should consider staying is at the Taj Mahal Palace. The Taj M…

Night Stay In Delhi

Night Stay In Delhi
Delhi Is A Place Where You See a Lot Of Tourist Visiting the City. Where People Looking to Stay in Hotels at Night, People Usually Prefer Travelling In Day. After Visiting Most of the Tourist Places They Want to Stay at a Good Hotel. Again They Don't Want to Travel Much In Search Of Hotels and Also They Don't Want to Spend More Money On Hotels May Be They Will Be Looking For Budget Hotels For NightStay 

Some Travellers Get Frustrated due to Delayed Flights or They Land In Delhi At Late Night. They Need A Good Hotels to Stay Near Airport. They Don't Want to Travel Into the City In Search Of Hotels. In That Case, They Need Hotels Near Airport For Night Stay, Not Many People Wanna Spend More Money On Their Stay. They Look For Good Budget Hotel For Night Stay at Lowest Price

If you don't have a Proper Plan It Will Drop You in a Difficult Situation, Because You Don't Have a Place to Stay. In That Case, You Should Look Into Last Minute Hotel Stay. So K…

Travel Tips When Visiting Delhi

If you visit India, your flight will probably land in Delhi. It is a gigantic city that can confuse anyone who is not familiar with it. It is divided into 6 main areas - North, South, East, West, Center and Old Delhi. Its history is interesting - it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, a fact evident in many monuments of the city.
Best Time to Visit Delhi Visit Delhi in February, March, October or November. Delhi has unbearable summers and foggy winters, so avoid those seasons. Although the rains in Delhi are unpredictable, they are usually in the months of July and August. Delhi may be beautiful when it rains, but the already slow traffic of the city stops. It's only in February, March, October or November that you will not be uncomfortably hot or cold when visiting the city's heritage sites, such as Qutub Minar. Language in Delhi You will not encounter any language barriers in most parts of Delhi. Hindi is the most spoken language in Delhi, but most people speak En…

Delicious Foods Of Chennai Streets

All those who stick to this quote are always the best. If you are also a food lover and love to experiment with your taste buds, you will not want to miss what all Chennai has to offer. In recent decades, the culinary scene in Chennai has become truly complete. So, those of you who thought that the kitchen of the biggest cultural center of South India did not extend beyond "idli-dosa", be prepared to be surprised. We will highlight places offering the best street food in Chennai.

Royal Sandwich

Treat yourself to delicious sandwiches at Royal Sandwich in Alwarpet. The combo-crazy sandwiches at this point are a real bargain for gourmets. They serve everything from chocolate sandwiches to the combined sandwiches of Maggi and Lay. So get ready to thrill your taste buds.

TT Krishnamachari Rd, Alwarpet

Atho Man Noodles

It is a popular haunt for those who love Burmese street food. He specializes in atho noodles and stuffed egg masala, adding a different flavor to Chennai's str…

Hourly Hotels In India | Budget Friendly Hotels | Couple Friendly Hotels |


Many couples in modern India want to spend their moments of relaxation and pleasure. They seek the intimacy and joy of traveling with their loved ones. Thus, various couples hotels have become very popular in almost every metropolitan city.


The hospitality industry has experienced massive growth in recent years due to an ever-increasing demand for couples hotels. Newly married couples and unmarried couples want to enjoy their romantic moments on their travels.

Various luxury hotels have been built near coasts, mountains or valleys because they possess natural beauties that offer romantic feelings. Almost all these hotels offer air-conditioned rooms, 24/7 water and electricity supply, free WIFI Internet access, tasty food, and more.

Many hotels offer facilities such as flexible check-ins, an instant online booking system, local sightseeing tours, and a photo/video service.

Some ho…

Common problems you face in business travels

When we travel on business, we want everything to go well. But sometimes, whatever our efforts, things do not go according to plan, regardless of the means of transport used. When things go wild, it dissipates a lot of panic, anger and frustration. The good news is that these problems are avoidable at best and manageable at worst. As a person traveling for a living, I have witnessed many stressful situations, to say the least. Here is a list of common problems. 1. Your flight is overbooked.Although this does not seem fair, the airlines want to make sure that each of their flights is filled to the maximum of its capacity. They calculate that a certain number of passengers will be compensated for this. The problem arises when everyone shows up and there are not enough seats. The server will be asked to give up its tickets. If no one volunteers, you may be denied boarding. Note that depending on the situation, you may be compensated for being postponed and delayed. If you want to avoid being …