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With the presence of Bag2Bag Rooms in key cities, you can easily grab the hotels on hourly basis. Not only it offers you utter flexibility but also allow you to go easy on the wallet!

Flexible Hotels on hourly basis

Are you adopting the changed ways of hotel booking?

The hotel industry has seen a huge turnaround in recent years. The prime focus is offering more flexibility and safety to travellers. Hotel booking is now easily accessible with just a few taps away!...
I Love You MOM

Mother’s day 2020- A day of honour for selfless Women

Mother- An embodiment of love! In other ways, love with no expectations. We cannot imagine the world without a mother’s love. We all know how a mother is influential in moulding her child’s life....
Bag2Bag hourly hotels

Reasons why travellers have to choose hotels on hourly basis

  Transportation and accommodation are the basis for an excellent visit plan. They could do it or break it. A comfortable and attractive hotel stay is a radical factor in your trip. Gone are...