While you locked yourselves indoors, there are tons of infotainment choices to keep you engaged. Don’t feel the stress anymore! Turn this break to more fun-filled moments in your life.

have a safe trip in the Future

Travelling safely after getting fully vaccinated against Covid

The current situation in India has deeply worsened with the raging outbreak of Coronavirus. The nation is battling hard against the devastating second wave. The COVID-19 has brought normal life to a grinding halt...
stay home stay safe

Stay home and wait for your time eagerly to travel again

While we haven’t recovered yet from the havoc of 2020, the second wave has hit us severely again in India. The current situation looks a lot more grievous as medical professionals are stepping up...
Board Games for Kids

The interesting board games for kids to play during this lockdown

The severity of Pandemic has isolated everyone inside their own homes. As you can’t take your kids to their favourite spots now, this is really a distressing period. But it doesn’t mean that you...
let's make new memories

Be excited wandering online – Here’s How

The entire globe is getting through grievous times. Panic and uncertainty have ruled over people without any difference all around the world. Lockdown has shattered the normal operations of the travel and hospitality sector....
Romantic movies for couples

10 Romantic movies for couples to watch during the lockdown

Watching the finely made romantic movies with your partner is indelible. These movies can stimulate couples’ true romantic side and bring you both together more than ever. Amid the coronavirus has created disarray all...
Travel books that will kindle inner adventurer in you

Travel books that will kindle inner adventurer in you

Regardless of the official forbiddance to travel worldwide due to the severely contagious coronavirus, there is still a way to induce serious wanderlust. Be transferred to those compelling travel places by simply sitting at...
climb hard once you come back

Thoroughly engaging web series to watch during the lockdown period

Staying safe and isolated amid the pandemic is highly imperative in India. As a result, all the cinema theatres and malls have been locked down. This further halted the shootings of films and TV...