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Are you ready for a food feast? The different cities in India offer various palatable food that is rich in colour, texture, and aroma. An absolute treat for foodies!

A pure exhibition of sumptuous cuisine and heritage

Lucknow- A pure exhibition of sumptuous cuisine and heritage

The heritage city, Lucknow is celebrated for its colourful cuisine. It is also famously quoted as the city of Nawabs and kebabs. A well-acclaimed Awadhi cuisine originated in the vibrant city of Lucknow. The...
master the cooking!

Cooking is an art but sometimes a necessity- The Pro Tips!

Cooking has become one of the delightful activities to tackle this pandemic. In pre-quarantine periods, food delivery companies were operating at a brisk pace and restaurants were bustling with food lovers on many occasions....
time to cook delicious dishes

Simple and healthy recipes to try at home during this lockdown

Before Lockdown, you might not have spent more hours in the kitchen amid the busy work lifestyle. But this is the time to try the new healthy recipes and discover the cook in you....
sandwich in chennai streets

Delicious Foods Of Chennai Streets

All those who stick to this quote are always the best. If you are also a food lover and love to experiment with your taste buds, you will not want to miss what all...