The interesting board games for kids to play during this lockdown

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The severity of Pandemic has isolated everyone inside their own homes. As you can’t take your kids to their favourite spots now, this is really a distressing period. But it doesn’t mean that you will never get the better of this situation when there is an availability of board games for kids. Back then, playing board games was the primary source of entertainment. It’s time to revive the past! Just look back to the highly fascinating boards that are hidden somewhere in your home. 

How long can you immerse in Netflix shows, social media, and other similar platforms? Bring back the nostalgic board games that can be played for longer hours with kids. Sit with your kids and start killing time. Win, loss, or momentary elation while playing board games will keep you engaged. No better way than this to forget the lockdown blues.


This widely-acclaimed board game involves strategy. You can even draw this board easily with chalk if you don’t have one. Simple rules and interesting aspects of the game will get you hooked forever. Two to four players can represent this game where the players move their tokens from start to end in keeping with rolls of a die. People across the country play Ludo in different forms. A game of full of turns until moving your token to the last square! People who are right on top of this game generally possess good arithmetic skills.

Snakes and Ladders 

Certainly, a game for the ages! A destiny can either take you to the top or drag you down in this alluring board game. There is no strategy, only luck decides your game. Two or many players can be a part of this game which is played on a board containing numbered, gridded squares. Your game token is moved in accordance with rolling of a dice. The snakes and ladders bridging two squares make this game more exciting. Ladders aid your moves while the snakes resist your game token to move forward. Rush inside this compelling square board!


A game of sheer intelligence! This two-player board game demands the ability to devise effective strategies and tactics.  A checkered board with 64 squares aligned in an 8*8 grid allow the player to play chess. Witness the battlefield inside a square board! Each player holds 16 coins on both sides which include King, Rook, Queen, Knight, Bishop, and the Pawn. Every coin has unique movements inside the board where the aim is to arrest the movement of the opponent’s king. Eliminate your opponent’s pieces and gain control over the game with your sharp skills.


This delightful board game contains an aspect of the trade. The game of Monopoly involves rolling two six-sided dice to navigate in the game board. You can buy and trade properties, and establish them with houses or hotels. The main intention is to bankrupt your opponent. Roll the dice, plan your moves, and make deals with this monopoly board where some fortune also required. Different versions of the monopoly game exist all around the world with several house rules.


An addictive word game to enrich the vocabulary! Lettered tiles are used to play the game of Bananagrams. Constructing a grid of connected words with the lettered tiles sooner than your opponent is how the game is played. The letter tiles are placed in a fabric banana-shaped package. The game totally comprises 144 letter tiles that are kept face down on the playing surface before allocating to the players. When a player has consumed all of the tiles, they call out ‘peel’.

These intriguing board games can turn this unpleasant lockdown period into something exciting. It can ultimately bring immense joy to your family.

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