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Availing couple friendly hotels in the key cities of India is not tedious anymore. The hotels are finely designed to serve the demands of couples mostly privacy and safety.

How are Indian OTAs becoming a prevalent force in the travel sector?

Content: How are Indian OTAs becoming a prevalent force in the travel sector? Freedom of choice Attractive deals and offers How is Bag2Bag Rooms different?  How are Indian OTAs becoming a prevalent force in...

Look out for these 5 best hourly hotels in Thane

Settled in the outskirts of Mumbai, Thane is known for boasting an extraordinary cityscape. The area has earned the tag ‘City of Lakes’ as it flaunts several charming lakes. Travellers can spend leisure time...
New Hotel Trends

Measures for hotels to attract guests despite pandemic situations

India has experienced massive suffering since the initial onslaught of Covid-19 in 2020. The nation had to withstand the serious crisis, especially in the healthcare system. With the sinking of several businesses in India,...
Cultural Places in India

Amazing destinations for art lovers in India

A brimful of breathtaking landscapes, cultural escapes, magnificent heritage, and diverse cuisines, India piques curiosity for travellers around the globe. The exuberance of India lies in its melange of various culture and traditions. A...
go on a romantic holiday

Spectacular places to celebrate valentine’s day in India

Valentine’s day is nearing, so the world is getting ready to embrace love. Millennial couples are super excited to revive magical moments and express pure love on this special occasion. Bring more joy into...
love the World

How travel soothes your soul- Feel it personally!

Is life getting you down? Are you desperately looking for a break? There is nothing like travel to soothe the mind and restore happiness. You have endured a restless lifestyle and worked hard this...
Experience the richness of Lucknow Together

Set out for these romantic experiences in Lucknow

Lucknow, the ancient city, is celebrated for its rich culture. Lucknow shows off the colourful markets, busy street eateries, age-old monuments, malls, restaurants, pubs, and so on. Beyond the city’s traditional guise, it’s a...