The best tips for finding the perfect hotel for your summer vacation

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Realistic travel budget
  • Determining your ideal location
  • Researching hotels through OTA Portals
  • Reading customer reviews
  • Give more importance to amenities
  • Easy access to local experiences
  • Evaluating the hotel’s credibility and security measures
  • Comparing prices and deals
  • Summary


The most-awaited travel season of summer is here. Still, waiting? Travel to magical destinations now and do nothing! From visiting instagrammable beach spots to eco-conscious wildlife destinations, explore your favourite place. Whether you travel solo or with your family, choosing the right accommodation can elevate your travel experience. Bag2Bag offers the best hotels for hourly needs. Find the best hotels when you plan a summer vacation.  

Realistic travel budget

The most crucial part of your summer vacation is devising a travel budget. Would you spend more time exploring than staying at hotels? Then, pick the pay-per-use hotels and save more on accommodation. A safe bet for budget backpackers! Spend your time enjoying the local experiences and sightseeing options. 

Remember that the cost of a hotel depends on several factors, such as location, amenities, and services. If you travel on a shoestring budget, book hotels in offbeat locations or grab hotels that offer exclusive discounts and deals. 


Determining your ideal location

Where do you want to go? Picture-perfect beach locations or high-altitude mountain escapes! Book the ideal hotel accommodation based on your taste and enjoy personalized services. 

The location of your hotel is crucial to your vacation experience. Stay in the picturesque location and get easy access to the stunning local attractions. With Bag2Bag, you can book hotels in secluded beach destinations or vibrant cityscapes. Get detailed insights about the things to do near the hotel and explore like a local. 


Researching hotels through OTA Portals

After deciding on the travel budget and location, search for hotels online. The new-age travel portal like Bag2Bag offers an array of hotels to choose from. Bookmark the hotel that precisely suits your needs and get additional details from the website. From checking prices and offers to knowing more about amenities, you can do everything with a few simple clicks. It is also essential to read the hotel’s policies, cancellation fees, and payment options.

OTA Portals

Reading customer reviews

Are you not sure how to find the best hotel? Relax! Reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to determine if a hotel is right for you. Book only the highly-recommended hotels based on customer reviews and ratings. You can have a better understanding of the quality of the accommodation, amenities and hotel staff through reviews. Stepping into unreliable hotel properties can ruin your vacation plans. So, it’s better to skip the hotels with low ratings. 

Give more importance to amenities

What do you usually expect at a hotel? A pool to swim for long hours or a spa to rejuvenate? Carefully assessing the amenities in the hotels will let you revel in a perfect summer escape. Bag2Bag offers hourly hotels in exotic locations with handcrafted amenities such as food, pool, sauna and similar recreational features. 

How flexible would it be if the hotel offers an airport shuttle and vehicle rental services? You can also pack light with the availability of ironing and laundry services. Checkin and checkout at your flexible time whenever you book hotels using Bag2Bag. 


Easy access to local experiences

Staying near spectacular travel places will make for a rewarding vacation experience. Book hotels in cool locations that lie in proximity to quirky cafe joints, shopping bazaars and interesting travel places. Enjoy the additional comfort if the hotel offers vehicle rental services. If you plan to use public transportation, check if the hotel is close to major transit points

Evaluating the hotel’s credibility and security measures

Safety and security should be a top priority when choosing a hotel for your summer vacation. Look for hotels that have security measures in place, such as security cameras and security guards, and offer more privacy. Bag2Bag offers trustworthy couple friendly hotels across the main travel destinations in India. 

If you take your kids along, look for hotels that have kid-friendly amenities and services, such as a playground or babysitting service.

Comparing prices and deals

Once you are ready to go on a vacation, compare prices and deals from different hotels. Check if the hotel offers any discounts or promotions, such as a free night’s stay or a discount on meals. Avail the price matching offer with Bag2Bag and enjoy booking hotels at unbelievable rates. It is also important to compare the total cost of the hotel, including taxes and fees. Some hotels may have lower room rates but charge additional fees for amenities or services.


Choosing the best hotel for your summer vacation can greatly impact your overall vacation experience. By following these tips, you can find the perfect hotel that fits your budget, location preferences, and desired amenities. Enjoy your summer vacation in the best hotel possible!


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