How are Indian OTAs becoming a prevalent force in the travel sector?

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How are Indian OTAs becoming a prevalent force in the travel sector?

Freedom of choice

Attractive deals and offers

How is Bag2Bag Rooms different? 

How are Indian OTAs becoming a prevalent force in the travel sector?

Indian OTAs propel to new heights as the tourism sector gets a new lease of life. From surreal natural sites and divine attractions to adventure escapes, India is one of the magical destinations. Millennials and Gen X travellers are interested in spending time in exotic lands and capturing memories. 

The demand for rejuvenating staycations is fast growing in India. So, new OTA portals have emerged to guarantee a seamless experience with the help of technology. 

OTA sites like Bag2Bag Rooms enable travellers the comfort of booking hotels with a few taps. To keep pace with changing trends in the hospitality landscape, Bag2Bag Rooms swiftly adapts itself. 

Bag2Bag Rooms eliminates complicated processes in the travel sector and ensures a smooth experience for travellers. 

Freedom of choice

Travellers usually look for a prime location, amenities, and price while booking a stay. OTAs like Bag2Bag Rooms feature a comprehensive range of properties to suit the inclination of new-age travellers. 

Unlike before, travellers have the ultimate freedom to precisely choose their desired hotel experience. Business travellers, young couples, holidaymakers, etc., can find the ideal stay option. 

From hourly stays to extended stays, book everything at your fingertips! Apart from offering extra convenience to travellers, OTAs help local hotel brands to flourish. A win-win situation for hotel partners and OTA portals.

Attractive deals and offers

Emerging OTA sites like Bag2Bag Rooms boast unique hotel discounts and offers. Travellers will never want to miss out on the joy of booking leisure experiences based on their taste. Grab deals daily and enjoy exclusive perks for frequent hotel bookings. 

Travellers have the opportunity to rejoice in innate luxury at unbelievable prices. Travelling has evolved into more than just planning a spiritual journey or occasional family reunion. New-age travellers are ready to feed their wanderlust souls when a long weekend looms. 

Discover uniquely crafted deals and offers for the weekend and plan the perfect escape via OTA portals. With transparent pricing, a user-friendly interface and never-before prices, OTA portals render great flexibility in the ever-changing travel landscape. 

Attractive deals and offers

How are Bag2Bag Rooms different? 

The factors that make Bag2Bag Rooms a traveller’s favourite portal.:

  • competitive prices,
  • unbeatable discounts, and 
  • trustworthy hotel partners

This allows travellers to plan their trip wisely across the biggest cities in India. The offers such as ‘11th free stay‘ and ‘ free 21st extended stay booking‘ can be more rewarding for repeat customers. 

Above all, travellers can find relevant discounts and deals for every occasion. The strategies and services of Bag2Bag Rooms align perfectly with the customer’s needs. The pay-per-use services promise the utmost comfort for travellers. 

Select from a vast collection of hotels, homestays, and experiences instantly with no hassles. You can even afford luxury hotels and sign up for signature experiences at moderate prices. 

Bag2Bag Rooms employs innovative technologies to create an unexacting hotel booking experience. If you want to do nothing or arrange effective business meetings, short-stay hotels are the place you will need. 

Relaxing hotel stay

Are you not sure how to survive unplanned layovers?

To alleviate the distress, Bag2Bag Rooms has accumulated hotels near the airport, business centre, and famous landmarks in the city.

OTA portals like Bag2Bag Rooms will continue to drive huge traffic in this tech-enabled travel world. Travel has become accessible to all, thanks to the constant evolution of OTA Portals. 


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