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New Hotel Trends

India has experienced massive suffering since the initial onslaught of Covid-19 in 2020. The nation had to withstand the serious crisis, especially in the healthcare system. With the sinking of several businesses in India, Covid-19 has shaken up the economy. The hotel industry is not an exception to escape the pandemic. However, the nation moves towards easing the lockdown restrictions to help rebuild the businesses. The vaccine rollout across the country also encourages people to step out of their homes without any fear. There are some new hotel trends that will revamp the hospitality industry and highly appeal to several guests.

As the hospitality industry set for a reboot, it’s crucial to embrace new concepts to retain potential customers and avoid further setbacks. Bag2Bag Rooms offer short stay hotels to serve different travellers and enabling a personalized stay experience. These are the main factors that possibly guide the hospitality sector in the coming days.

Cleanliness and safety measures

The topmost priority for all guests preferring to book hotel rooms during the covid situation. The hospitality sector gets busy creating a safer and more hygienic hotel environment. The hotels that follow necessary safety and cleanliness protocols draw new guests. Customers usually expect necessary measures like disinfecting the high-touch areas, sanitizing the rooms, wearing face masks, and placing self-hygiene items. So, the partner hotels of Bag2Bag Rooms ensure a high level of safety to mitigate customer worries. 

Cleanliness and safety measures

Comfortable space for workations

A desire to take new vacations and work simultaneously has pushed people to choose workations. Imagine yourself working on a laptop while sipping some refreshing drinks and admiring the exquisite beach views. How amazing is this? A nice break from conventional work from home! Vaccinations and lesser lockdown restrictions are the positive signs to plan a fascinating workation now. A need for workations will continue to rise as people looking to explore more domestic destinations. The calm hotel environment and other interesting amenities will make your stay memorable. 

Comfortable space for workations

Personalized stay

Arriving in new cities to attend tech meets or immerse in a new culture? Regardless of the reasons, travellers rely upon flexible accommodation options. The basic amenities would suffice leisure travellers who prefer wandering the city at a relaxed pace. Business travellers expect more customized and professional amenities like vast working space, reliable Wi-Fi, meeting halls, etc. Couples usually seek privacy and comfort during their stay. By catering to the personal demands of travellers, hotels can easily attract several guests.

Personalized stay

Short stay booking options

Bag2Bag Rooms offer day use hotels with stunning recreational facilities like a swimming pool and gym to guarantee more convenience to travellers. You can grab various time slots and stay only for the hours you need. Select the best hourly hotels with Bag2Bag Rooms in the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Gurugram, Navi Mumbai, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. Enjoy the flexible booking hours whenever you book a stay with Bag2Bag Rooms for different reasons. The new hotel trends like short stay booking options offer a great deal of comfort to all guests. Access the world-class amenities at affordable prices!

Short stay hotels booking

With travellers ready to take more vacations, the hospitality industry will continue to reinvent and actualize the safety protocols for a better experience.

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