Mother’s day 2020- A day of honour for selfless Women

I Love You MOM

Mother- An embodiment of love! In other ways, love with no expectations. We cannot imagine the world without a mother’s love. We all know how a mother is influential in moulding her child’s life. Nothing is comparable to her sacrifices. To glorify their part in our everyday life, Mother’s day is celebrated on 10 May 2020. A proud day for motherhood! Different traditions around the world celebrate Mother’s day in various forms. Besides, it’s a day for emphasizing feminist ideas on occasion.  

Mother’s day was initially originated in Grafton, West Virginia when a woman named Anna Jarvis had dedicated this day to her mother. Anna Jarvis considered Mother’s day as a way of honouring their sacrifices. It was only due to her who had made continual efforts to observe Mother’s day as a public holiday in the United States. At last, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially announced the second Sunday of May as Mother’s day. 

Rejoice with your mom

Mother’s day is a special moment when you can be so attached to your mom. Shower her with your love by presenting flowers, gifts, and other accolades. Spend more time with your mom, share the delightful memories you had in your life,  connect with a phone call or video chat if you stay far. Free from her daily household chores at least on this day and make something special for her. You can cook, clean, and manage the house instead of her.

Surprise your mom by decorating her room door with garland, flowers, and special mentions. Do involve your kids to bring that extra smile on your mom. Celebrate in a way so that you could remember this for a long time. You can combine the small clips wishing your mom “Happy Mother’s day” to make the day so alluring. 

Rejoice with your mom

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Happy Mother’s day to all the noble mothers in the world. Without mothers, the world is meaningless.
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