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Regardless of the official forbiddance to travel worldwide due to the severely contagious coronavirus, there is still a way to induce serious wanderlust. Be transferred to those compelling travel places by simply sitting at your home. Any travel book has the capacity to driving your imagination miles forward and offering the utmost urge to explore places. Just turn the pages of your book to encounter the fascinating landscapes! These travel books will give you a new perception of the world filled with interesting people, stunning backdrops, and amazing culture.

Are you ready for a delightful journey? You won’t require any travel plans, packing your bags, or getting to the actual place. But, you can still discover the astonishing places in your living room. Get to know about other people’s travel stories so that you will also set foot in a faraway land someday.

A walk in the woods

Bill Bryson, Known for his humorous writing worldwide, take a hike to the Appalachian trail along with his friend Stephen Katz. The book is full of witty humour as they progress deep into the wilderness. Appalachian trail is said to be the world’s longest continuous footbath which consists of bears, rattlesnakes, moose, and many wild creatures. The author easily passes fear into the minds of readers as he experiences vicious weather, ruthless insects, rough terrains, and a freakish companion along the way. 

The Alchemist

This enthralling novel has influenced many around the world. The Alchemist deals with the story of a young shepherd who traverses to Egypt from his homeland Spain by following a treasure hidden near pyramids. What’s the real treasure in life? Has he found the treasure at last? The book has answers for everything! It just encourages you to travel inward genuinely into your soul and follow your passion. Whenever you open this book, it offers extreme enthusiasm and gives impetus to chase your dreams.

On the Road

This vintage novel, written by Jack Kerouac narrates the fun-filled adventures of Kerouac and his friend Neal Cassady. He flees New York City and hit the roads of West for a year in a boisterous manner. They meet interesting people along the way filled with jazz, partying to feel America in its true colour. You can personally relate this story with your mind if you have a strong zeal for travel. Ultimately, you will get the picture of how travel can shape you into a much better and bold person.

A Moveable Feast(Life changing food adventures around the world)

A book for curious gourmets! A moveable feast is an assortment of 38 different foodie anecdotes from popular chefs, connoisseur, and writers around the world. Food is one of the intriguing ways to know about different cultures. This book brings you some unusual dishes from the land of Morocco, Tijuana, Mongolia, Russia, Fais Island and many more. The authors convey their great love for food via short stories. It’s really a royal feast for food lovers! You will understand how food bridges the gap between cultures.

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The Geography of Bliss

It’s a fun tale of Eric Weiner who embarks on a yearlong trip to discover the happiest places on earth. He makes his way to countries like Iceland, Qatar, Moldova, India, and Denmark in search of happiness. But he tries hard to find happiness during his journey which brings about a mellowy and an incredible experience. “What makes a nation happy?” In a search for this answer, Weiner has recorded some riveting interaction with locals of different cultures. Stay happy always!

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Pass this quarantine time in a more stimulating manner. Every page of these travel books will have an effect on you! Wander some amazing places while staying home via these interesting travel books.

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