Stay home to combat the deadly COVID-19


The brutality of the Corona disease has shaken the entire world to a greater extent. With death tolls increasing daily and many falling victims to this contagious virus, it has created anxiety in the minds of people. Many industries are finding ways to cope with the huge impact of this deadly corona outbreak. This pandemic has suspended major sports and other important global events. The Government of India is providing safe and hygienic alerts, especially, advising people to stay home after finding a few corona cases across cities in India.  

To keep the situation in control, the Indian government has implemented 21-day lockdown starting Wednesday, March 25. During this difficult phase, it is better to avoid travel and stay indoors. Ensure necessary safety measures from your side if travel is inevitable due to some health concerns.

What is coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization, “ Coronaviruses(CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”. The first victim of this virus was identified at a seafood market in the city of Wuhan, the Hubei province of China. But, the virus currently striking fear globally is a new strain called novel coronavirus and humans have never faced this disease before. The common indication of this disease includes fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, and breathing difficulties. 

Implementation of safety measures

The severity of the pandemic has rattled the whole world. To pass through this tougher time, follow several measures, especially stay home to prevent yourselves and your dear ones from this destructive COVID-19 virus.

Wash your hands

Clean your hands with proper handwashes or sanitizers regularly which will diminish the spreading of perilous coronavirus. This is highly advisable where there is a mass people gathering involved. This prevents harmful bacteria from entering into your mouth, eye, or nose.  Ensure that there are enough facilities on-board for washing your hands with appropriate sanitizers. Sanitizing your hands is of prime importance while you use face masks. Above all, maintain top-class cleanliness in your home.

hand wash with sanitized.

Take antibacterial wipes

In your living room, there are certain frequently contacted surfaces where the germs may stick around. So, it is necessary to carry some antibacterial wipes to touch those surfaces. The places are phones, TV remote, switches, doorknobs, toilet handle, and bathroom faucet handles. Plus, you can opt for disposable cups instead of using glasses or mugs placed.

Put up inside your home

While the Government of India is operating at a brisk pace to spread awareness, you shall also stay home to fight the deadly Coronavirus. Although you have no lurking health issues, no pandemic symptoms, cooperate with the government to protect fellow citizens of the country. Please remember that you are potentially responsible for the well-being of this community and so don’t get out of your home. This will significantly lessen your risk of Coronavirus.

Social distancing

Social distancing or physical distancing which is nothing but isolating yourselves from other people. Health professionals conceive that coronavirus spreads through social contact. Thus, confining yourself to society is a great way to protect yourself. Cut down the needless travel for work-related activities, carry out the work from home, and avoid social gatherings. Avoid taking part in religious gatherings. Instead, pray to your beloved God from the prayer hall of your living space. Pray for those who are affected and medical professionals giving their day out to combat this deadly disease.

Social distancing

Appreciate those who are constantly in work to protect people and comply with the government rules for the welfare of this society. Also, follow a healthy diet pattern to stay away from diseases. Stay home for your safety! Let’s all stand together to fight this corona and come back strongly!

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