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Stay home to battle with the pandemic! While you lock inside your home, you can binge on many TV Shows and spend time with your family which you have been longing for!

climb hard once you come back

Thoroughly engaging web series to watch during the lockdown period

Staying safe and isolated amid the pandemic is highly imperative in India. As a result, all the cinema theatres and malls have been locked down. This further halted the shootings of films and TV...
What's your all-time favourite travel movie

Amazing travel movies to enjoy with family and friends

The whole of India is locked down. All are staying at home and for many, this situation may be new. Though it almost looks similar to summer vacation, you can’t take your kids anywhere...

Stay home to combat the deadly COVID-19

The brutality of the Corona disease has shaken the entire world to a greater extent. With death tolls increasing daily and many falling victims to this contagious virus, it has created anxiety in the...