Healing and Hospitality: 3 refined stays for medical travelers


medical travelers visit different cities for quality In recent years, the concept of medical travel has gained significant attention worldwide. However, it is crucial for patients to conduct thorough research, seek reputable healthcare providers, and consider potential risks associated with traveling for medical purposes. Medical tourism has undoubtedly transformed healthcare options globally, offering opportunities for improved outcomes and personalized care for patients worldwide. Hence, in this blog we will delve into the various reasons why people choose medical travel. We will also be highlighting the factors that have contributed to its appeal as well as accommodations these travelers can opt for resulting in a seamless travel experience.

What are the driving factors behind medical travel?

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Cost-effective solution for medical travelers

The main motivation for medical travel is the potential for significant cost savings that it offers. Thus, many NRIs settled in developed countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom travel to India for top niche medical treatment that is also cost-effective. By traveling to regions with lower healthcare costs, patients can often save a significant amount of money, even after considering travel and accommodation expenses. 


India has long been recognized as a hub for authentic Ayurvedic treatments, drawing foreigners from all corners of the globe seeking holistic healing and rejuvenation. Hence, foreign visitors flock to India to experience the transformative power of Ayurveda for various purposes such as treating chronic ailments, detoxifying the body, or simply finding balance and harmony.

Low dental cost

Similarly, with the cost of dental procedures skyrocketing in the Gulf, many individuals are turning to India for high-quality and cost-effective dental care. India’s renowned dental clinics and hospitals offer a wide range of dental services, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, and even complex procedures such as dental implants and orthodontic treatments, at significantly lower prices compared to the Gulf countries.

Specialized treatments for medical travelers

Certain medical conditions require specialized treatments or procedures. Medical travel opens up opportunities for individuals to access cutting-edge treatments, experimental therapies, or specific surgical techniques that might not be widely accessible in their local healthcare systems. By venturing into such specialized units, patients can receive expert care from renowned specialists who specialize in their specific medical conditions, increasing their chances of successful treatment.

Privacy for medical travelers

For some patients, privacy and confidentiality are paramount concerns. Medical travel can offer a level of anonymity that may not be possible in their hometown. By undergoing treatments in a foreign state, individuals can ensure their medical information remains confidential, away from prying eyes or potential judgment. This aspect is particularly relevant for those seeking treatments related to sensitive issues such as cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, or mental health.

In what ways do hourly rooms support the needs of medical travelers?

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The rise of medical tourism has given birth to a growing demand for specialized accommodations that cater to the unique needs of medical travelers. Hourly rooms have emerged as a convenient and flexible option for these individuals, providing them with a comfortable space to rest, recover, or undergo medical procedures. These versatile accommodations offer flexible booking options and a range of amenities, making them suitable for various use cases.

Frequent consultations for medical travelers

Hourly hotels are particularly beneficial for medical travelers who need to attend frequent consultations, check-ups, or follow-up visits with healthcare professionals. Instead of spending significant time commuting to and from the healthcare facility, patients can conveniently book a room on hourly basis near the medical center. This allows them to optimize their time and ensures they are present for all their scheduled appointments promptly.  

Conveniently, Bag2Bag’s hourly stay’s are situated nearby many multispeciality hospitals such as AIIMS, NIMHANS, Apollo hospitals, Manipal Hospitals, Max Healthcare and so on which are well-renowned for their high-quality medical treatment. Medical travelers can book Bag2Bag’s hourly accommodations near these establishments in a hassle-free manner for comfortable travel during their medical treatment.

Accommodation for family members

Medical travelers often require the company and support of their family members or companions during their treatment journey. Hourly stay hotels offer a practical solution by providing a comfortable space for companions to stay nearby. Companions can utilize 24 hrs check in hotels during the day while the patient undergoes medical procedures, consultations, or therapy sessions. It ensures that companions have a private space to rest, work, or attend to personal matters, fostering a sense of comfort and convenience for all parties involved.

Place to rest for medical travelers

Some medical procedures also involve multiple appointments, tests, and consultations spread over several hours or days. Hourly motels are ideal for medical travelers who require a place to rest or work between appointments. They provide a comfortable space equipped with amenities, ensuring individuals have a convenient base during their medical journey.

Thus, by providing a comfortable and convenient space for medical tourists, hourly rooms contribute significantly to enhancing their overall experience and well-being.

How do day-use hotels assist individuals traveling for medical purposes?

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As the field of medical tourism continues to expand, with patients seeking high-quality healthcare services beyond their borders, the need for convenient and comfortable accommodations has become increasingly important. Day use hotels located near medical facilities have emerged as a valuable solution for medical travelers, providing a range of benefits and enhancing their overall experience.

Medical procedures and treatments can often be physically and emotionally exhausting. After a long day at the hospital, medical travelers may require a comfortable and convenient place to rest and recover. Day use rooms provide an ideal solution, offering a quiet and tranquil environment for recuperation.

Day use hotel rooms often offer a range of amenities and services tailored to the needs of medical travelers. These can include on-site dining options, wellness facilities, such as fitness centers or spa services, and access to reliable internet connectivity for remote work or communication. Such offerings contribute to the overall comfort and convenience of medical tourists, providing a more comprehensive experience beyond the medical aspect of their journey.

What unique services do service apartments provide to individuals seeking medical treatment?


As the field of medical tourism continues to expand, an increasing number of individuals are traveling to receive specialized medical treatments and procedures. While receiving medical care away from home can be a challenging experience, service apartments have emerged as a popular accommodation option for such medical travelers. Since most of the specialized medical facilities develop in metropolitan cities, it has led to the rise of such serviced fully furnished apartments in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Extended recovery of medical travelers

Many medical treatments and procedures require an extended period for recovery or follow-up care. Bangalore service apartments are ideal for medical travelers in such cases, as they offer comfortable and spacious living spaces for longer stays. These Service apartments in Bangalore provide separate living and sleeping areas, fully equipped kitchens, and laundry facilities. This allows patients and their companions to have a home-like experience, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free environment during the recovery process.

Proximity to medical facilities

Another key advantage of luxury serviced apartments in Delhi for medical travelers is their proximity to medical facilities. Delhi service apartments are strategically located near hospitals, clinics, and specialized healthcare centers, ensuring easy access to medical services. This proximity allows patients to minimize travel time and stress, making it more convenient to attend appointments, follow-up visits, and rehabilitation sessions.

Stay with family

Medical travelers often require the support and presence of their family members or caregivers during their treatment and recovery. Serviced apartments in Mumbai for long stay offer multiple-bedroom configurations, allowing families to stay together comfortably. The spaciousness and amenities provided by Mumbai service apartments allow patients to move around freely and engage in necessary exercises or physiotherapy. It also creates a conducive environment for both patients and their loved ones to support each other during the medical journey.

Thus, the ability to provide a home-like environment, coupled with customized amenities and services, makes service apartments a preferred choice for medical travelers across India.


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Hence, it is safe to say that hourly hotels, day use hotels and service apartments offer invaluable benefits to medical travelers during their health trips. These accommodations provide flexibility, convenience, and affordability, allowing patients to optimize their stay according to their medical needs. Hourly hotels allow for shorter stays and offer a discreet and comfortable environment for rest and recuperation between medical appointments. Day use hotels offer a convenient option for patients who require a place to relax or prepare for medical procedures during the day, without the need for an overnight stay. Serviced apartments provide a home-like atmosphere with additional amenities, giving medical travelers a comfortable and extended stay option. Overall, these accommodation choices cater specifically to the unique requirements of medical travelers, making their health trips more manageable and ensuring a positive and stress-free experience.


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