Friends and Family Reunion Post Covid-19 lockdown

Service Apartments for Reunion

Spending weeks together at home, alone or with our partners have taken an emotional strain on us. Getting out of the virtual connects and making time for real meets is something we want to do soon. Longing to meet friends or for a family reunion after Covid-19 lockdown? Service apartments are one of the safest options.

Many are waiting to meet their parents, cousins, siblings, and friends post lockdown. We have all gone through one of the most unexpected phases in our lives. Have we ever thought a day would come where we will be stuck wherever we are for more than a month? We have achieved something which was beyond our imaginations. But, we really missed our family, friends, and loved ones. It was inevitable for us to be at home.

Now, the lockdown is getting over, it is the time for a reunion. Hold on! Don’t think that you all can rush wherever you want. Though lockdown is gradually being brought down, there are some restrictions which will definitely be imposed. But, let these restrictions not stop you from planning a family reunion or plan a party with friends.

Service apartment for a family reunion

So, is there any way you can re-unite and bring back those cherished moments? Bag2bag has made it possible through extended stay options or popularly known as homestay or service apartments. Bag2bag has homestay options in several cities and towns across India that you can look to book. You may be worried about getting hotel bookings or unsure of the modalities soon after lockdown. But, these service apartments are just like homes.

You will have all amenities like kitchen, clean living area, a kids play area where a family can re-unite and spend fun-filled time. It is time for you to start planning the location or city for that memorable reunion you will cherish forever. You can do the booking now through Bag2Bag and be ready to rock into a new city or new places as you feel safe. Reunite with your family and friends and have the bash.

Service apartment for a family reunion

Comfort like your own home

It is not possible to travel long distances with friends on a road trip or plan to visit the place you always wanted to go to. You can plan for a get-together and have a gala time with your friends and party. Yes, you can opt for service apartments in places which are quite near to where you live and have a bash with friends. Sounds interesting? What are you waiting for then? Pack your baggage, decide the city you want to visit and book Homestays through Bag2Bag and be ready for the meet up with your friends or loved ones soon after lockdown.

Bag2Bag offers service apartments for friends’ get-together for a day or more. All of our service apartments are couple friendly as well. Bag2Bag service apartments are well maintained and with amenities that you will be delighted to experience. Be at home with your friends being away from homeBook best home stays now through Bag2Bag and adore the days with friends and family after a long haul of COVID-19 Lockdown.

Comfort like your own home

It’s time now that you can get out of the monotony of lockdown and get back to groove with friends or have a fun reunion with your family, and make your memories for a lifetime. Service Apartments and home stays offer huge benefits for long stay in this regard.


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