Couple Friendly hangout places in Bangalore

Finding the time and sharing love with each other is always special on any occasions. Bangalore remains a unique spot among lovers to spend some valuable time despite its restless nature. Feeling a chill breeze even during the summer is what set the ideal mood for couples and speaks volumes of pleasant weather in Bangalore. Couple Friendly places in Bangalore are covered in this blog.

From enchanting lakes to lush greeneries sprawling across the city, Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the amazing spots to relax with your partner. Reaching the place during the day or night is not so hard. There shouldn’t be any worries in finding the stay also as Bag2Bag offers luxury hotels at a budget price. What next? Take your partner to these appealing places and take delight!

Cubbon Park

The park is usually crowded with couples as this was created nearly 150 years ago. Walk along lazily in the pathways of Cubbon park by holding the hands of your partner firmly! No better way than this to express your love where the soothing scent of flowers further elevates the mood. This park covers a larger area and houses some of the government buildings, historical monuments, cultural centres. The long-stretching green lawns inside the park make for a playful area in this serene atmosphere.

Bannerghatta Zoo 

This spot acts as a habitat for different wild creatures and making it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. Take a van or jeep to get deep into the wildlife forests and witness some of the amazing creatures of nature such as mighty trees, wild animals, alluring birds which maintains the balance in the forest ecosystem. Head to the butterfly museum to get lured by different butterfly species. Just take a long walk and find the wild monkeys, deers, lions, hippos, rhinos, tigers, and many more. A little board near the animal cages will display some valuable information. The overall package for animal lovers!

Lalbagh Botanical Garden 

Let the love flourish along with the blooming flowers! Set out for another visual treat here in Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The garden full of greeneries will make your eyes gaze for too long and a lake in the middle further adds value to your romance. This park has been holding the charm since the 18th century and offering a fine retreat to the couples. Tempting colours and fragrance of the flowers will offer a blissful ambience. If you are finished enjoying this place, then relax comfortably at one of the premium day use hotels offered by Bag2Bag.

Bangalore palace

Finer exhibition of British culture! This palace is endowed with an opulent history and offers a royal backdrop to express your love. The rich adornment of this castle reminds you of the famous Royal British Palace. Take a stroll along with the widespread gardens and feel stunned with the grandioseness of this castle. Couple Friendly hangout places in Bangalore are endless. You can both catch the chariot present there to ride like a royal groom and bride of British. Add a hint of royal touch to your date!

Jakkur Airfield  

Getting bored with sharing love in the land? then, take an aerial route with this microlight flying in Jakkur Airfield. Get a sweeping view of the colourful city by flying high. This opens a new chapter in your love story where your heart feels light. Feel like a bird and get exhilarated by this astonishing experience. The couples those who seek ultimate adventure will surely adore microlight flying. Gliding over the altitude of 4000 ft with your romantic partner will be the most memorable experience of your life. Let your adrenaline pump to the core!

Ulsoor lake

The freshwater in the lake remains smooth and free from wavy motion. Float in the watery mirror with your loved ones! This lake offers an incredible boating experience where you will cruise in the midst of little graceful islands. You can also walk leisurely in the banks of Ulsoor lake to experience the chill. Finally, end your romantic getaway with fine dining in one of the nearest restaurants.

Shower the love which is never-ending by visiting these stunning backdrops in Bangalore. Let the love last forever and grow stronger. Use the flexible check-in and check-out timing hotels offered by Bag2Bag.

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