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Navi Mumbai boasts an attractive cityscape that endlessly captivates millennial travellers. Developed as a satellite city of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai embodies everything urban. An endless list of commercial spots, residential buildings, and fancy eateries brings unparalleled charm to this city. Discover magnificent culture and heritage sites while roaming around this city. Navi Mumbai has an enviable range of nightlife places to amuse partygoers. The blissful gardens in Navi Mumbai will let travellers enjoy a laidback evening. From diving into gorgeous waterfalls and indulging in a romantic dinner date to exploring its heritage, experience fun-filled moments. Spend 24 hours in Navi Mumbai to enjoy the perfect day! 

Fresh morning in Pandavkada Falls

Set in a breathtaking backdrop, Pandavkada waterfalls remain an ideal natural retreat for locals. Away from the humdrum, immerse in nature and get a soothing experience. Dip into the pool and have fun. Water spouts down the rocks forcefully and will chill your body instantly. Don’t miss this refreshing nature trail on your trip to Navi Mumbai. The place derived its name from the ancient Hindu folklore as once Pandavas got drenched in this waterfall. 

Pandavkada Falls

Admiring the Belapur Fort

Belapur Fort is a stunningly beautiful heritage site in Navi Mumbai. The place equally mesmerises the trekkers and history enthusiasts. Snuggled amidst the hills, travellers can find the ruins of this majestic fort. The trek meanders along a scenic route filled with a thicket of wild trees. Siddis of Janjira constructed this fort in the 16th century. Above all, capture the spellbinding views from the Fort and soak up the peaceful ambience.  

Belapur Fort

Get a flexible hotel stay

After exploring the beautiful natural attractions, beat the tiredness in the modern hotel room. Book hotels based on hourly slots and enjoy paying less for a convenient stay. The hourly hotels in Navi Mumbai will exactly suit your preferences during a leisure visit. You have the freedom to decide the checkin and checkout time. Sleep lightly in the cosy beds and never miss the excitement of travelling in Navi Mumbai. Book Bag2Bag hotels, homes and experiences for quality accommodations from all over India with Bag2Bag website and app on android and iOS.

hourly hotel

Spot adorable birds

Love birdwatching? Then, head to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. A rare species of bird endlessly allures travellers with its grace. Pleasant weather and leafy surroundings will add to the charm. You can find lovely birds like Flycatcher, Cuckoo-shrike, Rock-thrush, Blackbird, etc. Even, seasonal birds seek shelter due to benign weather. This bird sanctuary makes for a perfect picnic spot. Share interesting facts about the birds with your kids. 

Karnala bird sanctuary

Non-stop fun in the malls

Any city-dweller preference for entertainment would be spending long hours in the shopping mall. So, Navi Mumbai has that in abundance. Visit famous malls like Seawoods Grand Central, Inorbit Mall, Vashi Central, Centurion Mall, etc. Get a perfect dose of entertainment in the snazzy malls! After that, step into the food court to snack on delectable food courses. A host of international brand outlets can satisfy your cravings for shopping. 


This is what you can enjoy while spending 24 hours in Navi Mumbai. Get an ultimate travel experience!


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