Spend 24 hours in Jaipur: A magical day in the pink city

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Steeped in royal tradition, the colourful city of Jaipur allures travellers from far-off lands. The regal architecture wears an enticing pink hue that endlessly represents its rich past. This princely state still preserves its eclectic charm. Warm hospitality, divine food, and bustling shopping bazaars reflect the culture of Jaipur! Feel the majesty of the heritage structures. Beyond the extravagant forts and palaces, Jaipur boasts some enthralling lakes. The city holds several pompous celebrations to showcase the vibrant lifestyle. Spend 24 hours in Jaipur and tick off your bucket list! 

Authentic Jaipur breakfast

It’s always good to satiate your hunger before roaming around the city in the morning. So, have a filling meal in the famous breakfast places. Treat your taste buds with flavourful Kachoris, crispy dosas, poached eggs, etc. Get charged up early in the morning and explore all day with great enthusiasm. Soak up the surreal vibes of the city and head to the magnificent tourist attractions. Take a sip of aromatic chai with bun maska for a light breakfast. 

Admire the artistry of Amer Fort

Jaipur brims with architectural marvels. As the place holds a rich legacy, Amer Fort is one of the unmissable tourist sites in the city. Opt for the elephant ride to slowly wonder at the Amer Fort. The architecture stands tall atop a hill that acted as the abode of Rajput Kings. Spellbinding artworks, paintings, and intricately crafted designs symbolize the architectural brilliance of the past. After that, you can visit the iconic Hawa Mahal for its peculiar and vivid architectural brilliance. Reach this place as early as possible to skip the peak visiting hours. 

Book an hourly stay

To enjoy a break during your trip, book the hourly hotels in Jaipur. With the introduction of the pay-per-use concept, you can look for sheer convenience. Plus, fascinating hotel deals and offers will let you experience a cosy stay at moderate prices. Relax in the pleasant ambience while booking an hourly stay with Bag2Bag Rooms. An ideal accommodation option for holidaymakers! 

Drift above the dazzling city

Looking to fuel your adventure? Amazing! Hot air ballooning offers an unequalled travel experience in Jaipur. While the city remains a paradise for history buffs, it has also evolved into a spectacular adventure destination. Get into the hot air balloon and take the aerial route to feel the vibrancy of Jaipur. Capture the arresting views of the royal city while soaring high in the sky. Flying above the opulent forts and gorgeous lakes makes for a fairy-tale vacation. 

Catch the sunsets from grand palaces

Jaipur has several exquisite sunset points to witness the magic unfolding in the sky. Head to the Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, and Jaipur Wall for the best sunset views. Grab a chai cup with savoury snacks to elevate the mood. Further, ramble around the busy lanes to discover colourful shopping places. You can shop for elegant handicrafts, attractive souvenirs, stylish apparel, and modern accessories in the bazaars. Fill your wardrobe with attractive handmade clothes! 

Plan a trip to Jaipur soon and experience all the exotic travel locations!


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