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Chennai is one of the most beautiful places to live in India. The majestic presence of educational institutions, automotive industries, IT parks, skyscrapers makes Chennai a favourite city for all. The city’s love for movies has been well-documented over the years as new movie releases of famous stars get a rousing reception. While renowned for its vivid cultural landscape, Chennai also finely hold onto youthful exuberance. From congested slums, ritzy urban places to art and cultural hubs, Chennai exhibits different characteristics. Temple hopping, budget shopping, and beach walking are popular experiences in Chennai. Spend 24 hours in Chennai to admire heritage wonders and feel the hustle.    

Early morning checkin hotels

What if you have to checkin in the hotel room instantly after arriving in the city? Well! Bag2Bag Rooms introduces early checkin hotels, early morning checkin hotels in Chennai. Take a power nap and quickly freshen up before wandering the epic destinations in Chennai. Choose a time range of 10-12 hours and spend lesser than usual. Keep your belongings safely in the hotel room while you go sightseeing in the city. Pick that later in the evening during the time of check out. A flexible and pocket-friendly stay that you can ever get in Chennai.  

Early checkin hotels

Typical Chennai Breakfast

Food lovers can try delightful breakfast combos upon entering the eateries in the morning. From Idli Sambar to Dosa Vadacurry, start your day with healthy breakfast fillings. Also, add the traditional ghee Pongal and crowd-favourite ghee dosa to the list. Strong, sweet and aromatic filter coffee served in brass vessels will complement the breakfast. Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Murugan Idli Shop, Sangeetha Restaurant, etc., can be your ideal stop for breakfast. 

Chennai Breakfast

Devotional experience in Age-old Temples

Experience the long-standing spiritual heritage of the city while visiting the artistic temples. Giant towers, Intricate sculptures, dazzling murals and sanctified ponds embellish the temples. Divine chantings will fill your mind with positive thoughts. Head off to these marvellous temples such as Kapaleeswarar Temple, Parthasarathy Temple, Vadapalani Andavar Temple, Parrys Jain Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, etc. In addition, hear compelling folklores and marvel at the heritage beauty!

Kapaleeswarar Temple

A little walk through history

Chennai is home to old country churches, gigantic libraries, museums, and government buildings that exudes colonial beauty. It also represents the historical significance of the city. Fort St. George, St. Mary’s Church, Fort Museum, Connemara Library, etc., are a few notable landmarks in the city. Museums in the city possess various manuscripts, artworks that reveal the rich legacy of the city. Above all, a quick visit to Connemara Library will let you gaze at the breathtaking architecture and introduce you to mind-expanding books.  


Shopping in bustling markets

Chennai is the ultimate shopper’s paradise when it comes to offering authentic items. Buy the soft and designer Kancheevaram silk sarees and trendy apparel at the lowest prices possible. T Nagar is one of the incredible places to buy everything in Chennai. A long stretch of shops in the area will let you go on a shopping spree. If you can reach the beach during sunset, witness the magic unfold in the sky and ramble along the beach shores. Grab crunchy bites and refreshing ice cream to enjoy your late evening. 

T Nagar

Travellers can get a perfect dose of urban life, culture, and rich tradition while spending 24 hours in Chennai


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