Mother’s Day: Shower unconditional love and gratitude to your mom

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Life is bright, cheerful, and beautiful with the presence of kind-hearted moms. A mother embodies selfless love and care! A priceless gift from God; moms have the superpower to shape a wonderful life for their children. When your mom is with you, you will not need extra motivation. Mom cheers during good times and uplifts while enduring rough times. Soothing touch and sweet words from mom can help us override the hurdles. Feel the pure and magical love of a mom! Embrace the bond with your mom this Mother’s day and make it a grand event. 

Mother’s Day significance

A day to recognize the sacrifices a mother makes to fulfil their family’s needs. Stay thankful for her ceaseless efforts! Many countries celebrate this special occasion on the second Sunday in May. Also, in India, Mother’s day is observed on May 8 this year. Indian culture preaches the tradition of respecting motherhood and even treats mothers as Goddesses. Anna Jarvis, a woman in the US, first initiated the practice of celebrating Mother’s Day in 1908. Since then, people of different cultures have started to honour their mother’s selfless contributions.  

Mother's day

Prepare a favourite dish of your mom

Give your mom a little break from Kitchen. It’s your turn to prepare the cherished dish of your mom. You can wow your mom by cooking age-old family recipes or something cosy. Bake a simple yet delicious cake and enjoy it together. Jazz up the dining room with beautiful flowers and signs to elevate the experience. You can even arrange a special brunch in the lovely backyard. Get ready to make this Mother’s day more memorable!  


Tick off your mom’s wishlist

What a special occasion than Mother’s day to fulfil her wishes? Be it connecting with old friends or signing up for hobby classes, delight your mom with a lovely gesture. Your mom might be too engaged in family and work life to pursue her dreams. So, free her up at least now and do everything that makes her happy. 

Mom's wishlist

Take your mom on a daycation

When you visit enchanting places near your location, you can avoid the hassle of planning. Gift your mom a stunning luxury retreat in the serene backdrop. Resplendent hotel amenities and leisure experiences will offer extra joy. Use the coupon “MOTHERSDAYOFFER” to save up to 100 INR on hotel booking. Celebrate Mother’s day with Bag2Bag Rooms. After indulging in a lavish stay, roam around the city to taste famous street foods and shop for authentic items. Experience a day filled with pure bliss! 


What if you cannot be with your mom this year?

You can still have fun when you cannot meet your mom in person this Mother’s Day. Dedicate a few hours to converse with your mom via video call. Reminisce pleasant memories, host a virtual dinner party, and laugh out loud for a long. Bring your family together in a call and surprise your mom. Share your love for mom and how important she is in your life.  

Virtual meet

Bring a smile to your mom’s face this Mother’s day!! 


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