Helping Students with an affordable hotel stay – Bag2Bag making it possible!

Helping Students with an affordable hotel stay

Affordable student stay

Affordable hotel stay for Students: This blog will let students know about affordable and budget accommodations across India for entrance exams and other important exams. Bag2bag helps with budget accommodation for students.

Let us consider a few scenarios, that even we might have come across when we were out for an entrance exam or during any other exams .

Affordable hotel stay for Students: Bag2Bag Hotels

Kiran and Ravi were friends from Tumkur who had the same ambition to study medicine and were taking NEET exams in Bangalore.

“Hey Kiran, you know what, last time when I was writing the NEET entrance exam, I had some anxious moments just before the exam. My train was running late and I had to rush to the exam venue without getting enough time to get freshen up.

My relative’s home was far and then I wished if I could have had the option to book a hotel for a couple of hours for the exam. You should plan for it when you are appearing for your exam this year”, said Ravi.Yes, Ravi, I am thinking about it. Do you know of any options?”, said Kiran.

Affordable hotel stay for Students, planning for Outstation Exams

“My college friend Guru had planned it well. He had booked a room through Bag2Bag which was walkable from the exam venue. I felt bad that I could have done the same and avoided all the rush. You should check it out”, said Ravi. Check out Affordable hotel stay for Students from Bag2Bag.

Rashmi and Sowmya were cousins who had been shortlisted for interview for one of the management institutes.

“Hi Rashmi, I heard you have got shortlisted for next round for the management institute. Hope you are preparing well.”

“Hi Sowmya, yes, I am preparing for the group discussion and interview. But somewhere I am worried about where I could stay as Uncle will be out of station for those days. How I wish I could get some decent accommodation for two days near to the institute”.

So, “Rashmi, Nalini told me that they had got some good hotel near to the institute last year when she was selected for the interview. I think she had booked the hotel through Bag2Bag. Why don’t you check their portal? She told me the accommodation was good and affordable. You can plan to book some hotel through Bag2Bag”.

Affordable hotel stay for Students

Are you in that phase of our life where you need to take an entrance exam or go to another city to attend an interview for admission or have to go for counselling to join the choice of your college or institute after getting through the exam?

So, Bag2Bag provides you with multiple options to book accommodation for an hourly or short stay, stay for a few days or week which is affordable and provides good facilities. You can book your accommodation and be relieved of the “where to stay” question and prepare well for the important event of your life.

Some of the entrance exams that are coming up in the next few weeks:

Exam Name Date Location
NEET – National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2020 3rd May, 2020 Across India
JEE -Joint Entrance Exam Main 2020 5th April, 2020 Across India
KCET – Karnataka Common Entrance Test 22nd and 23rd April 2020 Across Karnataka
CLAT – Common Law Admission Test During May/June 2020 Across India
MAT – Management Aptitude Test 2020 During April/June 2020 Across India

Hence, Bag2Bag helps you to book accommodation in most of the cities where there are institutes of higher learning and exams are conducted. Some of the cities are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kolkata,  Coimbatore, Pune, Mumbai, etc.


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