Escape into the fairyland of Rishikesh- A satisfying trip from Delhi

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The holiness scatters all across the land of Rishikesh. Alongside, it beguiles the travellers with the astounding views of mountain ranges. This divine destination makes snug in the quaint hills of the Himalayas encased by a wave of white snow. Millions of people step into this land every year in search of sheer tranquillity as Rishikesh offers a blissful space for Yoga havens. The true appeal of Rishikesh not only lies in its spiritual interests but also presents a remarkable abode of unique cafes, adventure activities, and many more. With these array of distinct hangout spots, anyone can indulge in the soothing peaks of Rishikesh.

To adorn this holy land further, River Ganges cascade through the Rishikesh. The confluence of sanctity and adrenaline rushing activities makes it one of the unparalleled getaways in India. It’s a great comfort for the residents of Delhi as Rishikesh has its seat very close to them. Bag2Bag hourly hotels are always in your reach to make your weekend trip more memorable!

The Beatles Ashram

The highly extolled English band of Beatles were turned up here in the late ’60s to seek wisdom and so earned the name ‘The Beatles Ashram’. It was entrenched from the vision of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to provide spiritual guidance to the visitors. Wind down yourself in the lull atmosphere of the ashram! Tune your mind and soul by going through a warm session of meditation in the Beatles Ashram. This compelling ambience surely wakes up your inner soul and overall bring about a replenishing experience. 

Beatles Ashram

Lakshman Jhula

Hanging beauty across the spurting flow of River Ganges! Lakshman Jhula is an iconic landmark of Rishikesh and it is generally accepted that Lord Lakshman had passed over the River Ganges in the same walk over. Admire the magnificence of River Ganges and nearby places by taking a stroll in this bridge. Lakshman Jhula elongates over 450 feet to link Pauri district with Tehri district. There are many consecrated temples near Lakshman Jhula such as Lakshman Temple, Terah Manzil Temple, Trayambakeshwar Temple, and Ram Temple. Offer prayers to your beloved god in the divine environment!

Lakshman Jhula


This beckoning small town boasts abundant sacred values since it has become the domicile of Lord Shiva. Shivpuri is situated on the shore of River Ganges and offers striking chances for luxuriating in the adrenaline rush activities. With the river flowing rapidly and crinkled mountains bounds the town, place your tents on the riverside. Cherish the eerie night sky glistening with stars from your camping site. You can’t ask for a perfect weekend than camping at the banks of River Ganges. 


Triveni Ghat

Feel the holy vibe which is undiminished at the Triveni Ghat! It is where the convergence of sacred rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswathi occurs. Several visitors gather at this ghat to pay reverence in the form of ‘Maha Aarti’. The evening sky glows in the beam of the torch to escalate the devotional aura. Triveni Ghat holds a valuable place in Hindu folklore and said to have appeared in Ramayana and Mahabharat as well. You can take a holy soak in the river or chant your beloved mantras at the Triveni Ghat. As the nearby tourist destinations are easily accessible from Rishikesh, you can make use of the short stay hotel rooms offered by Bag2Bag during your transit.


Neer Garh Waterfall

Witness the linear flow of white water drizzling onto the rocks amid the thickly grown woods of the forest. Reaching this spectacular waterfalls is possible only by taking a trekking route. Walk your way through the interesting trail permeated with rugged cliffs to get hold of the enchanting Neer Garh waterfall. The ecstasy pool formed by this waterfall will offer you a refreshing splash enclosed by the lush greeneries all around. 

Neer Garh waterfall, Rishikesh

Adrenaline rushing sports

Rishikesh is the wonderland for adventure fanatics. As the town is crawling with high-current white rivers and craggy peaks, you can feel your adrenaline pumping at its peak! The place offers you the most exciting sports like Cliff jumping, Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox, and white water rafting. Just have a shot in Cliff Jumping where you will drop into the river from a reasonable altitude from a cliff. Feel the extreme thrill by thriving in the adventure rush activities!


A holy land with a twist of scenic backdrops. This is what Rishikesh can offer you during your weekend trip from Delhi. Book a relaxed stay during your trip at one of the Bag2Bag hourly hotels.

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