Common problems you face in business travels

Problems in Business travel


When we travel on business, we want everything to go well. But sometimes, whatever our efforts, things do not go according to plan, regardless of the means of transport used. When things go wild, it dissipates a lot of panic, anger and frustration.
The good news is that these problems are avoidable at best and manageable at worst. As a person travelling for a living, I have witnessed many stressful situations, to say the least. Here is a list of common problems.

1. Your flight is overbooked.

Although this does not seem fair, the airlines want to make sure that each of their flights is filled to the maximum of its capacity. They calculate that a certain number of passengers will be compensated for this.
The problem arises when everyone shows up and there are not enough seats. The server will be asked to give up its tickets. If no one volunteers, you may be denied boarding.
Note that depending on the situation, you may be compensated for being postponed and delayed.
If you want to avoid being bumped together, sign up and start at the door, get a frequent flyer and / or buy an assigned seat. I have found that having a credit card and being part of their rewards program helps.

2. Your flight is delayed.

Unlike an overbooked flight, there is no compensation if your flight is delayed. Although it’s frustrating, it’s not something that can be helped.
I try to respect my schedule with a long stop not to force myself. I take advantage of airport lounges to work. I also prefer to buy without interruption or give up my options if something goes wrong.

3. You lose your passport.

Nothing is more stressful than losing your passport while travelling abroad. File a missing identity report with the police department.
Another way to travel with your important documents digitally with you. I have copies of my most important documents, including credit card information and phone numbers, stored in my e-mail. I also recommend a wallet with old cards in case of theft.
It is much easier to try to prove your identity, even if it is not physical.

4. Your luggage is delayed or lost.

If your luggage is delayed, it may take a few days to reach you. Other times, they could lose it completely. When an airline loses your bag, write a statement stating everything inside.
The maximum amount will be $ 3,500 per passenger on domestic flights. If they lose it on an international flight, the compensation will vary.
To prevent your luggage from getting lost and / or lost, be sure to wear your badge on the road.

5. Your hotel room is disappointing.

The place was beautiful online and had a good price. Then you just happen to find it missing.
Report what is bothering you in the room to the manager. They will offer you a different room or an upgrade. I have discovered that contacting the hotel staff in a calm and respectful manner will provide you with much more than a place of frustration.

6. You get sick.

To avoid illnesses, stay hydrated, try to follow a healthy diet and sleep well. Engage on the move.
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