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Bag2Bag Rooms offer a splendid range of couple friendly hotels across the main cities in India. Spend a memorable time with your partner amid the serene atmosphere!

couple friendly hotels in Ahmedabad

How booking the couple hotels in Ahmedabad are becoming prevalent?

Set on the shores of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is one of the most eminent cities in Gujarat. The city boasts affluent culture and mesmerizing history. Also, Ahmedabad is a worldly city with a number...
hotels for couples in Mumbai

How millennial couples are grabbing the trend of booking couple hotels in Mumbai?

India’s fashion and entertainment capital, Mumbai flaunts a vivid cityscape. Also, the city is an engrossing place for couples. Alluring beaches, exquisite restaurants, frolic nightlife, and tons of fun activities make Mumbai a flamboyant...
romantic places in the city of Kanpur

The spectacular romantic places in the city of Kanpur

Boasting immense commercial values, Kanpur is undoubtedly one of the stellar cities in India. It is situated on the shores of the holy Ganges which adorn the city. Kanpur is home to the IIT-Kanpur,...
Couple friendly hotels in Allahabad

Couple friendly hotels in Allahabad

Allahabad formally referred to as Prayagraj, is a city famous for culture, tradition, and holiness. Triveni Sangam or confluence of three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati in Allahabad makes the city a pious destination....
Experience the richness of Lucknow Together

Set out for these romantic experiences in Lucknow

Lucknow, the ancient city, is celebrated for its rich culture. Lucknow shows off the colourful markets, busy street eateries, age-old monuments, malls, restaurants, pubs, and so on. Beyond the city’s traditional guise, it’s a...
Couple friendly hotels in Lucknow

Couple friendly hotels in colourful Lucknow

The city exhibits an astounding blend of old and modern values. Lucknow hosts several intricately designed buildings, old bazaars, and gardens. Differently, there is also a slew of posh malls and modern buildings. Exquisite...
couple friendly hotels in Gurugram

Stunning hotels for couples in Gurugram

Gurugram, hidden outskirts near Delhi before a few years is now one of the most voguish cities in India. The city flaunts an immense range of skyscrapers that signifies the recent growth of Gurugram....