Set out for these romantic experiences in Lucknow

Lucknow, the ancient city, is celebrated for its rich culture. Lucknow shows off the colourful markets, busy street eateries, age-old monuments, malls, restaurants, pubs, and so on. Beyond the city’s traditional guise, it’s a magically romantic destination for couples. Modernity with a touch of old appeal makes Lucknow an exciting place to hang out. Lucknow has a variety of graceful gardens and historical buildings to offer romantic experiences for couples. Witness the splendour of Lucknow city with your dear one!

Indulge in the couple-related activities to know each other better. It’s time to lighten up your life with a perfect companion! If you are looking for a private space, pick from the wide range of couple friendly hotels in Lucknow via Bag2Bag. There’s a lot of places in Lucknow that can do wonders in your romantic relationship.

Sikandar Bagh

Sikandar Bagh, a Mughal-style architecture, exhibits the grand elegance. Lush garden accompanied with a magnificently erected building attracts travellers. This gorgeous garden extends over an area of 4.5 acres which hosts some famous cultural activities. Sikandar Bagh is a well-renowned place in Lucknow that weaves culture with romance. This park also functioned as a site in the 1857 Battle of Independence. Sikandar Bagh is associated with the National Botanical Research Institute. Take a relaxed stroll with your loved one in this most fabulous Sikandar Bagh. 

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Janeshwar Mishra Park

A sparkling lake, greeneries, and fountains together offer a scenic feast in Janeshwar Mishra Park. Experience a fun boat ride, ramble across the dazzling garden, and admire the fountains amid the relaxed ambience. What else do you need for a romantic evening? The vast lawn area in the park makes for an ideal place to rest and munch on your favourite Indian snacks at the canteen. Also, a few charming birds often visit this park to delight the couples. 

romantic experiences

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara is another place of ancient grandeur in Lucknow. This stupendous structure can offer the ultimate romantic experiences for couples. Bara Imambara has an astonishing maze on the top floor which made this site a major attraction. There exist nearly 1024 ways to enter the maze and only 2 ways to exit. The maze can be so intriguing if played with your partner. The place is also an exemplary display of Mughal architecture and engineered to perfection. 

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Food and nightlife

Lucknow is known for its delectable cuisine. Be it local street joints or fancy restaurants, Lucknow offers unique flavours of food. To add romance to your dining, there are a few restaurants for couples in Lucknow. Don’t ever miss the dining experience of restaurants like Sura Vie by TYC, Falak Numa Restaurant, L-14 Renaissance, Zaika, Colors by Royal Cafe, and so on. Besides, nightlife in Lucknow is vivid with the presence of some pubs and bars. Big Daddy, JW Club, Farzi Cafe, etc offers varieties of drinks, appetizing foods, and endless fun. 

Glamorous shopping places

The shopping places in Lucknow further embellish the city. From bustling roadside markets to lavish shopping malls, Lucknow has got everything to lure shopaholics. The places like Hazratganj, Aminabad, Nakhas, Yahiyaganj, and Latouche Road can arouse interest in shopping. Buy your loved one the perfect gift to remember for long! Footwear, fashion garments, embroidered clothes, handicrafts, ornaments find a place in the markets. The malls such as Phoenix united, Sahara Ganj, Wave Mall, Singapore Mall can offer a fascinating shopping experience.

Lucknow admirably brings together the historically significant places and voguish cityscape. Share the unforgettable romantic experiences in Lucknow with your partner

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