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Indian Holidays

India has several incredible destinations to delight travellers! Experience these Indian Holidays with your close one and make memories that last forever.

Amazig Destinations for coffee Lovers

Enthralling places for coffee lovers to visit in India

Indians are obsessed with coffee! A flavourful, frothy, and piping hot coffee is so addictive and inseparable from daily life. Morning wake up with a fresh cup of coffee, a complimentary drink for breakfast,...
Microcations new way of Travelling

Staycations|Daycations|Microcations- Evolving way of vacation in India!!

In recent times, travellers of this age have unfolded a new way of taking a vacation. That’s microcations! The excitement for going on a long vacation is certainly falling off. And more travellers begin...
Just Keep on Going

Travel is up for a massive change post lockdown

The pandemic has caused severe disruption globally. Especially, the travel sector endured the toughest phase due to the lockdown. With people have slowly started to come out of their homes now, travel resumes but...
Go on a Road Trip

The essentials of road trips to make it so fascinating

The Spectacular roads in India invite many adventure travellers to take a road trip. A road trip is filled with ultimate fun, thrill, and a sense of flexibility. Steer through the stunning roads that...
Indian Festival

Indian Holidays: Book through Bag2bag and get discounts on Hotel bookings across India

Planning to explore India?  This blog is a must-read for those who are Native Indians, Foreigners who like to visit top destinations in India. We have listed Major Indian festivals and fabulous destinations to...