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Indians are obsessed with coffee! A flavourful, frothy, and piping hot coffee is so addictive and inseparable from daily life. Morning wake up with a fresh cup of coffee, a complimentary drink for breakfast, a bit of refreshment in the evening, this is how remains a favourite drink for several Indians. The most delectable blends like cappuccino, mocha, espresso, etc. gratify the yearning for coffee in India. However, there prevails an immense craze for authentic filter coffee owing to its strong blend. Handpicking and subtle roasting of coffee beans adds more richness to the flavour. These places for coffee lovers will fascinate you forever!

The breathtaking hill stations of India produces some luscious coffee varieties. Additionally, to cherish the coffee more closely, there are many coffee trails in India that you can visit. Are you ready for a coffee-inspired trip? Savour the original taste of coffee being a coffee freak! Also, sipping a unique blend of coffee amidst the natural landscape is always memorable.


Chikmagalur is the earliest known place in India to cultivate coffee beans. This fanciful coffee land of Karnataka nuzzles at the Mullayangiri mountain ranges. The tempting coffee plantations and luscious foliage cover the vast region of Chikmagalur. While the place satiates some serious coffee lovers, it has also become an appealing destination for adventure buffs. To broaden your knowledge about coffee, visit Coffee Museum located in Chikmagalur. Above all, experience how coffee bean turns to a flavoursome drink! 



This quaint hill station has been a dazzling weekend getaway for locals. Not so far away from Vizag, Araku is well-renowned for its exotic coffee plantations. A train route from Vizag offers mesmerizing natural sceneries! The indigenous people of Araku cultivates coffee by employing certain organic farming techniques. A perfect place to indulge your craving for intense coffee! Sip a cup of delicious Araku Emerald, an organic coffee label from local tribes. With several chocolate products are also in Araku, a double delight for coffee maniacs. 



Coorg replete with sprawling coffee valleys and verdant greeneries. India’s remarkable coffee destination, Coorg produces a whole range of light and refreshing coffee beans. Dense trees sheathe the entire mountain range and furious white water swishes over the rocks. Also, Coorg finely upholds the traditional art and culture. The most desirable place for adventurous water sports and nature-related activities. Moreover, this glorious hill station flaunts the appetizing food culture that can comfort all food lovers. 



Set in the gorgeous hill ranges of Western Ghats, Wayanad is a true getaway for nature enthusiasts. Abounding in greeneries, wildlife, and coffee valleys, just soak in the spellbinding beauty of Wayanad. In addition, stay in the plush resorts encompassed by coffee plantations and enjoy the ultimate tranquillity. Experience the amazing coffee trail of Wayanad to relish the art of growing coffee! Besides, the majestic mountains and lush vegetation make Wayanad an ideal location for bird watching. 

places for coffee lovers


Snuggled amidst the stupendous Eastern Ghats, People celebrate Yercaud for its captivating natural surroundings. The amiable weather in Yercaud is suitable for coffee cultivation. The seductive fragrance of coffee beans fondly welcomes travellers to this charming hill station! Also, Yercaud ranks among the highly preferred weekend destinations from Bangalore. Alluring waterfalls, spectacular wildlife, scenic marvels, you can immerse deeply in nature. Above all, the favoured coffee brand of India, MSP Coffee is available in Yercaud.

places for coffee lovers

There are some enticing places for coffee lovers in India. Therefore, get out for a delightful journey filled with the aroma of perfect coffee!

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