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Indian Festival

Planning to explore India?  This blog is a must-read for those who are Native Indians, Foreigners who like to visit top destinations in India. We have listed Major Indian festivals and fabulous destinations to visit as a solo traveller or with a family. Each month is a celebration in India! Visit India for weeks, months or for an entire year. Come! Let’s explore Incredible India. Bag2Bag has transformed the hotel bookings across India to be utterly convenient.

Why Indian Holidays?

India is a Diverse country and boasts rich culture and heritage which you will find nowhere in the world. This is the main reason why many foreigners love to visit India, one of the most deeply religious cultures it possesses. There are many young people who travel India to understand its culture as well as for adventure and relaxation. Are you one of those? We will help you understand the country better so that you can plan your next adventure or trip in India, whenever you want to. India has something or the other for you on each day of the year! Just make use of the convenient hotel bookings across India through Bag2Bag.

If there is one place on earth with the ecological diversity, then it is without a doubt India. Overall, known for its rich culture and diversity India is home to many states with different traditions. Each state stands unique with its language, food culture, and festivals.

Come let us understand India, its Culture and Heritage!!!

Each day, each month is a celebration in India! You can visit India any day any time and have the bash!


It is the month of the famous Makar Sankranthi Festival. Additionally, there is Republic Day which is one the National Festivals of India which is on 26th January.  The Parade we witness in Delhi is one of the main attractions of Republic Day which is a must-visit!

You can plan to Visit Tamil Nadu if you are someone who likes to visit the best beaches in the world, Amazing monuments, Ancient temples and many more. Similarly, do visit Punjab, understand the history of Sikhism. Head to Assam if you want pristine natural beauty, tranquillity which makes it a prominent tourist destination. During your visit, you can make use of the comfortable hotel bookings across India.


The festival of Bakrid is celebrated on the 10th Day of the Muslim Month. Hindus celebrate Maha Shiva Rathri throughout India in the month of February. It is the main festival to honour Lord Shiva!


Holi is an ancient Hindu festival, which is very popular among Hindu as well as Non-Hindu communities. People daub themselves in bright coloured powder or gulal to celebrate the victory of good over Evil. There is also an Elephant festival celebrated in Rajasthan state in India during this month. Above all, elephants have always been an important part of the Indian Society.


People across the country are busy celebrating festivals in April. You can witness Baisakhi in Punjab which happens to be the harvest season of Rabi crop. This is also known as Vishu in Kerala, Bihu in Assam, Vaishaka in Bihar. Rama Navami is one of the most important Hindu festivals which is celebrated usually in April. The festival celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, who happens to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


The month of May calls for Mango season and you can relish Indian Mangoes! Also, there is a summer festival, Pooram Festival celebrated in the month of May. Ugadi Festival which is a new year for Hindus in India especially in Karnataka, Andra Pradesh. This festival falls in the month of April. Similarly, you can feast on Holige and Bevu Bella, Visit Temples, Kolam Rangolis and many more!


June month is full of festivals. India welcomes Monsoon in June! Above all, you can enjoy the wet weather at a monsoon festival or head to north to catch some popular festivals like Ganga Dussehra, Saga Dawa, Uttar Pradesh Mango festival and a lot more!


July is the month where Monsoon continues.  You can check for Boat Race in Kerala. The festivities include spectacular water floats, decorated boats and the mass people gathering in the shores of Pampa River. Additionally, you can also check for Bonalu Festival in Hyderabad, Puri Ratha Yathra, Hemis festival Ladakh and many more!


There is a myriad of festivals in India during August. Famous Lord Ganesha festival usually comes in the month of August. There is Naga Panchami, Vara Lakshmi Vrat, Raksha Bandhan, Bakrid to name a few. Above all, August 15th is India’s Independence Day celebrations.

Happy Durga Pooja


September is the month of preparations for the long holiday seasons in India. Kerala is famous for boasting Onam festival. Huge flower rangolis are made famous feast called “Onam Sadya” is cooked. After that, teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5th which happens to be the birthday of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, an eminent Scholar, Teacher.


October is full of festive mood for Indians. Be a part of major events and festivals in the month of October. Above all, the famous festival of India Navarathri usually comes in the month of October. The celebration happens on 9 days. Each day is dedicated to various Hindu Gods like Durga, Saraswathi etc and last day Vijaya Dashami which happens to be on the 10th day marks the victory of good over Evil. In addition, you can visit world-famous Mysore Dasara, Dussehra celebrations in Kolkata and bask in the culture of India.


This month happens to be one of the special attractions for visitors. For instance, there is a famous Hampi festival taking place. Rann Utsav in Gujrat, Diwali the famous festival of light usually comes in November. It usually lasts for 5 days. It symbolizes the victory of darkness over brightness, knowledge over Ignorance. Diwali is the festival of light, where people plight lamps in Temples, Houses during this time.


There are Christmas celebrations in the month of December in India too! For instance, there is Feast of Francis Xavier in Goa, Street food festival in Delhi, Music festival Chennai.

Christmas celebrations in the month of December

India is definitely the land of dreams and people visiting this incredible land wish to come again and again and experience the true glory of the nation. In conclusion, India has many historical monuments which will help historians to explore more about the History of India. Additionally, cherish the extremely flexible hotel bookings across India via Bag2Bag.

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