Yercaud: A hidden gem of the Eastern Ghats

Explore Eastern Ghats! A priceless beauty in nature’s true form is how you can describe Yercaud. The Eastern Ghats holds this land fondly above the steel city of Tamilnadu, Salem. This mystifying hill station is ideal for a weekend escape from the busy city of Bangalore to immerse in nature. A little loopy ride on Yercaud roads with thick-grown green trees on both sides makes for a complete retreat!  Embark on a journey to this serene and untouched landscape for rejuvenating your soul. The land is also home to varieties of spice, coffee, and some other plantations. There are many attractions that will make you feel astonished. A journey from Bangalore won’t take you more than 5 hours as it is 230 km away. You can reach there by car, bike, bus, train.

Kiliyur Falls

A favourite destination for adventure zealots where you have to hike through cliffs and irregular pathways to reach this splendid waterfalls. This is secluded in Servaroyan hills of the Eastern Ghats range within the dense vegetation and set for a picturesque view. It is roaring down the hills and gushing over the rocks to form a snowy water bubbles. Throw yourselves under the waterfall to feel the shivering chillness of the water and even 5 minutes of soaking offer you the complete replenishment.

Yercaud Lake

Fondly called as Emerald lake by the locals. The only nature made mountain lake in South India fascinates the most and is the reason for amassing a huge set of crowd. Unsoiled water of the lake glitters like a pearl under the sunlight which is an absolute treat to the eyes. Pedal or paddle your boats gently in the midst of a lake that spreading breeze into the wind. Such a calm and spectacular ambience as you would expect in a mountain range. Explore Eastern Ghats and feel the essence of Tamilnadu food culture by sampling a few dishes near this lake.

32-km Loop Road

A loop will offer you the unadulterated thrill with this turn and twisted roads. Just go where this curvy road takes you!  Bend along with this long loopy stretch of 32-km to witness the Yercaud at its authentic view. You will be coming across the coffee plantations, different villages, varieties of people, overwhelming foods on this epic road travel. Fill your heart with the mesmerizing aroma of fine coffee beans.

Deer Park

Located near the enchanting emerald lake, this park further adds adornment to nature. Beautiful creatures including deers, rabbits, pigeons, ducks, etc. can be found here. Deer park can be extremely heartwarming for kids who possess an unlimited fondness towards animals. Enjoy some fun activities in the park which has sprawling green fields. No better place than this to relishing with kids in Yercaud!

Pagoda Point

This alluring viewpoint presents the sweeping views of Salem city. The looming mountains with the cascade of clouds crossing across will let you feel amazed! Misty clouds present over there slowly reveals the charm of this mountain. The enigmatic gathering of stones are placed in the form of a pyramid and so the spot acquired this name. If you are enthralled enough with this view, make your way to the nearest Sri Rama temple to receive the holy blessings of God. 

Silk Farm and Rose Garden

The captivating scent and look of the flowers can arouse the good old memories! Walk your way in this eye-popping rose garden to witness different species of flowers. A noble place to relax with your loved ones. Silk weaving is an art form and you can learn something about the Yercaud’s silk culture, history, and weaving process. The place is purely traditional! Explore Eastern Ghats and enjoy the stay

Lady’s Seat  

Another idyllic spot for getting the spellbinding view of the mountain range. The views of sunrise and sunset from the Lady’s seat will fascinate the visitors to the fullest. This was earlier used to be a prominent choice among British females to adore the stunning views. You can also choose the telescope present there to witness the stellar magnified views of the hill. Feel the ecstasy at the edge of this seat!

Set out for an ultimate weekend trip to cherish for too long! A warm and blissful journey into the land of heaven is always incredible. So, plan your trip soon.

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