What day use hotels are solving in and around Delhi

day use hotels

The current scenario of the travel industry is accounting for a massive change in terms of providing hotel rooms. Following the stringent check-in and check-out timings simply withered from the minds of fellow travellers. Now, they enjoy the cushion of booking hotel rooms based on their timing convenience. Online hotel booking platforms like Bag2Bag have burgeoned in recent past to offer day use hotel services across cities in India. This has proved to be an instant hit among the travellers because of the flexibility lies in it. Rule out the chaos caused by the conventional hotel stays and begin to grasp the day use hotels offered by Bag2Bag in Delhi.

Delhi is always vivid and restless. Finding hotel rooms should not be annoying as the people of Delhi are already taxed enough with their work. This is where Bag2Bag comes to the party and ease the process of booking hotel rooms for day use.

What are day use hotels?

The idea of day use hotels is to offer rooms only during the day. This permits the users to book rooms from the range of 1-hour to 12-hour day stay thus avoiding the need for staying at night. Day use hotels are highly useful when you are in transit to catch flights, buses, trains, etc. Why do you need to worry about getting the flight delayed? Why should you wait for long hours at the airport? Take advantage of the nearby day use hotel rooms offered by Bag2Bag.

Day use Hotels

What does it bring to the travellers? 

Delhi fondly welcomes a myriad of travellers for varied purposes daily where they look for convenient hotels. Business travellers reach their destination normally in the early morning and take a rest for a few hours before getting busy with their meeting. Also, these days use hotels allow them to arrange a meeting in the same room if they like. Booking for half a day is more than sufficient for them in such cases. 

When you consider backpackers, they consume more hours generally in wandering the city than staying in hotels. But to keep their accessories or relax for a few hours during the day in Delhi, day use hotels offered by Bag2Bag are most advantageous. The situation also suits other kinds of travellers like leisure, health, religious, academic, etc.

What it has to do with Hotels?

Because of the expensive pays, rigorous booking slots and lack of proper amenities, many hotels failed to attract travellers. But with the advent of day use hotels and proper quality checks, the occupancy rate of the hotels have risen significantly over time. At the same time, it plays a major role in increasing the revenue stream of the hotels. Hotels can also make use of the day slots and provide facilities according to that. 

As the users are booking the day use hotel rooms only through credible online travel portals like Bag2Bag, this reduces the stress for hotels to verify the customer’s legitimacy. Bag2Bag partners only with highly trusted hotels which will benefit both users and hotels in Delhi near domestic airports, bus stands, railway stations, universities etc.

Hotels for Day Book

Extra benefits for the users with Bag2Bag

Your Delhi day stay is just a click away in Bag2Bag website! The users who have done their bookings via Bag2Bag can relish the amenities offered by our tie-up hotels. Even if you have booked just for an hour, you can still enjoy the facilities. Choose from the wide range of budget and luxury hotels via Bag2Bag.

  • Take a gentle nap between flights
  • Ideal place for couples
  • Can act as an office for a few hours
  • Wash away your tiredness by taking a shower
  • Hygienic room facilities
  • Car parking availability
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Courteous hotel staffs

Day use hotels, in essence, have solved enormous problems caused by the conventional way of hotel booking. It brings happiness to the users and Hotels as well in and around Delhi. Change your hourly room based on your needs with the day use hotels.  


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