Weekend Getaway from Delhi to the hills – Visit the beautiful Dehradun

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The love for hill stations among the tenants of Delhi is endless. Especially, they set their hearts on a little weekend getaway to nature’s birthplace called Dehradun from Delhi. This ravishing Dehradun curls up adoringly in the thick of Doon Valley and is the capital city of Uttarakhand. Dehradun stands radiantly at an altitude of 1400 feet above sea level which revels in the amusing weather throughout the year. Above all, it flaunts the most breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges, Dehradun offers the perfect weekend retreat for families, young couples, and adventure zealots. 

Natural water bodies, rushing waterfalls, trembling caves, roaring peaks share the elegance of Dehradun equally. Likewise, the flourishing green vegetation and hazy clouds also take shelters in Dehradun to caress the visitors regularly. If you need to freshen up or drop your baggage safely, book an hourly stay via online hotel booking portals like Bag2Bag in the vicinity of Delhi.     


The name Sahastradhara precisely gives the meaning of thousandfold springs. The place is acclaimed for being the beguiling natural attraction which fondly holds the plunging waterfalls, dark caves, and grasslands. Water that trickles from the limestone stalactites is endowed with medicinal value due to the sulphur content. The glistening flow of water rushes down the rocks absolutely offers an exhilarating experience to the travellers. Therefore, dazzling sceneries spread all around to make this place highly enjoyable! 

Robber’s Cave 

Magnificent hills and dense greeneries finely encloses this naturally occurred cave which extends for 600m. The frosty water springs inside the Robber’s cave presents the marvellous backdrop. Water runs calmly in the utter darkness of the cave and after advancing it a bit further in the stream, you will also get hooked by impressive waterfalls. The robbers once used this cave for seclusion during the British era and so it got this name. Feel the real calmness amidst the rock stones and magical water spring!

Mindrolling Monastery  

This monastery offers an elegant spectacle of Tibetan works. It is regarded as one of the largest Buddhist learning centres in India. Mindrolling Monastery focuses deeply on the study of astronomy, Buddhist scriptures, calligraphy, Tibetan lunar calendar, rhetoric, and Tibetan traditional medicine. This place can delight visitors with the dashing wall paintings that represent the life and works of Lord Buddha. Besides, the monastery also contains pleasantly-looking gardens and shops selling crafts. Lots of disciples visit this monastery to gain spiritual insights. In addition, if you need a cosy room to rest for a while during your transit, book hourly use hotel rooms via Bag2Bag!


Tucked away in the midst of an opulent green Sal plantation, this place is ideal for spending a day more peacefully. The scenic landscape of Lacchiwala offers unwinding and tranquil atmosphere for the tourists. Exquisite sunset views, charming birds, and trekking trails can mesmerize you endlessly. If you are hooked enough with the spellbinding views, take a refreshing splash at the man-made pools. Moreover, a gratifying treat for people of all age groups! There is no wonder that Lacchiwala is the most preferred tourist spot in Dehradun.

Tapkeshwar Temple

Dehradun also offers a pilgrimage escape behind the scenic landscapes. Tapkeshwar temple finds a unique place in the minds of religious visitors. In addition, this respected cave temple is devoted to Lord Shiva which lies serenely at the shore of Nandi river. A shiva linga is sanctified inside the temple where the natural water continuously percolates over the idol. This interesting aspect of the temple mainly attracts devotees. You can revitalize completely in the natural water spring present there before entering the temple. This cave earlier acted as a domicile for the popular Guru Dronacharya and it is also obvious as Drona cave. 

Fun valley

This is the time for exciting your children! The fun valley is the complete assortment of fun and entertainment factors. This amusement water park is highly famous among the visitors to chill out for a whole day. Riveting rides, wonderful water slides, delectable eateries, and deluxe rooms are all available to lure the tourists. An amazing weekend getaway spot enclosed by the true beauty of Himalayan ranges to relish with families and friends.

Plan for a simply intriguing weekend getaway to Dehradun from Delhi. Finding a comfortable and budget-friendly and couple friendly accommodation during your journey ends here with Bag2Bag!!

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