Valentine’s Day: Curious origin and history of this romantic festival!

A perfect occasion has arrived to engage in a fairytale romance and exchange love with your partner. Couples all over the world unleash romantic love quotes to impress one another. From epic love proposals to buying valuable gifts, couples drench in love this Valentine’s Month. Chocolates and roses will become the symbols of love! Arrange candle-light dinner dates in the palatial restaurants and even take a valentine’s vacation to rediscover romance. It’s all about getting together and celebrating a beautiful relationship that embodies respect and trust. 

It’s time to make your partner feel special and loved! While you are thinking of ways to celebrate this season of love, know the mesmerizing origin and significance of valentine’s day. 

History of Valentine’s day celebration

While historians still can’t paint a clear picture of the origin of Valentine’s day, this occasion has several traditions and beliefs attached to it. The origin can be traced back to the Roman festival Lupercalia. Later, Pope Gelasius I restrained the celebration of Lupercalia and introduced St. Valentine’s Day. A day to remember the Christian Saint Valentine. The world did not celebrate this occasion as a day of romance until the 14th century. The United States first commercialized this Valentine’s festival in the late 1700s and it did catch up in other countries soon. 

Significance of Cupid on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day holds significance for St. Valentine. Also, Valentine’s day cards and romantic movies portray Cupid, a feathered boy, as a symbol of love. The Roman Mythology infers Cupid as a son of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. He can be seen hitting the arrows to make couples fall in love with each other instantly. How Cupid was connected to the culture of Valentine’s day remains vague. 

Valentine’s day in India

People started to recognize Valentine’s day culture in India only after 1992. Millennial couples wasted no time embracing this romantic festival and enriching their special bond. After that, TV Commercials and love genre movies have led to the popularity of Valentine’s day in India. Valentine’s day celebrations see an upward trend in the bustling metropolitan cities in India. The celebration ideas evolve with each passing year as modern youths want to make Valentine’s day extra special and unique. Picture-perfect romantic destinations in India have also allured lovers to spend a memorable vacation. In addition, grab Best hotels with Bag2Bag Rooms to enjoy an elegant and romantic stay this love season. 

Valentine’s Week Celebration

Couples around the world don’t want to limit their celebration to one day. So, they start the celebration a week prior to Valentine’s day. Days in Valentine’s week involves different romantic gestures to impress each other. Lovers unleash their celebration in the form of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and finally Valentine’s Day. The week brings unlimited joy and excitement to the life of couples. 

Make this valentine’s month an indelible affair and cherish the love and togetherness.

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