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The heritage city, Lucknow is celebrated for its colourful cuisine. It is also famously quoted as the city of Nawabs and kebabs. A well-acclaimed Awadhi cuisine originated in the vibrant city of Lucknow. The famous foods in Lucknow are passed down between generations and enjoy a rich history. Lucknow presents an assortment of delicacies to comfort the palates of food lovers. Decadent sweets, traditional briyani, juicy kebabs, frothy tea, and chaats elevate the food culture of Lucknow.  

The tempting aroma of foods spreads everywhere in the buzzing streets of Lucknow. Though meat occupies a predominant place in Awadhi cuisine, there are still many unique dishes to gobble up. Lucknow undoubtedly holds some delightful food joints that serve authentic dishes and finely muffle the cravings for luscious foods. Bag2Bag offers convenient hotels for travellers in Lucknow. Book hourly hotels in Lucknow with Bag2Bag that specifically serves the demand for leisure travellers.

Kebabs: perfectly finished meat patties

Travellers never lose the craze for Kebabs that make the Awadhi cuisine super exciting. Fully spiced meat patties fried directly over the sizzling hot pan and are ready to serve. The varieties of Kebabs such as Galouti kebab, Kakori kebab, Pasanda kebab, Shami kebab, and Boti kebab are famous for its deliciousness. Kebab has a melt-in-mouth texture to allure food lovers. Also, club these appetizing kebabs with Rotis for a filling dinner. The unique range of spices added in kebabs takes its taste to another level. 

Best places to eat: Tunday Kababi, Naushijaan, Dastarkhwan

Lucknowi Biriyani: full of flavours

Exceptional range of flavours and heavenly texture make this dish a most popular in India. The rice and spices that are home to Awadhi cuisine bring the unmatched taste. The sumptuous and a most palatable dish of Lucknow almost fascinated every traveller. An impeccable mix of slow-cooked meats, herbs, and saffron in the biriyani will surely please your taste buds. Spicy dalcha and raita always make a good combination with this traditional biriyani.

Best places to eat: Idrees, Wahid Biriyani, Dastarkhwan

Nihari and Kulcha: a delightful combination

This light meat curry or stew is prepared with the slow cooking of meat and other spices. The gooey texture of the meat bone marrow goes well with kulchas. The smooth consistency of the curry and the plethora of other spices gives a rich flavour. Just smack a freshly baked kulcha in the tandoor with loads of nihari. Kulche nihari is one of the most succulent dishes of Lucknow and highly famed among the locals.

Best places to eat: Raheem’s

Basket Chaat: crispy and colourful

Crunchy basket is loaded with flavours! A very special and must-try dish for chaat lovers in Lucknow. The essence of tanginess, sweetness, and spiciness cracks into the mouth to offer a divine taste. Minced potatoes, different chutneys, and adornment of other spices in the basket chaat make it so attractive to give a bite. Finish it with a sweet cup of tea. Medley of delightful flavours may be a reason for the supreme taste.

Best places to eat: Royal Cafe

Desserts: truly satisfying

Smooth and delicate sweets are on offer in Lucknow. Milky sweets, refreshing kulfis, sheermal, nimish, jalebis, makhan malai, and kulfi faluda are the highly scrumptious sweet varieties of Lucknow. Creamy milk embellished with a piece of pista gives a light texture. Saffron and rose flavours further bring a classical touch to the desserts. It’s time to calm the spicy taste buds with blissful desserts!

Best places to eat: Prakash Kulfi, Ram Ashrey, Chhappan Bhog, Neelkanth Sweets

The posh restaurants you cannot miss in Lucknow

Beyond the age-old eateries, there are some restaurants offering gorgeous dining experience. You can head to the places like L-14 Renaissance, Oudhyana, The Urban Terrace, Falaknuma, Kava Restaurant, Royal Sky, and Altitude.  Above all, be sure to savour the famous foods in Lucknow in a grand style!

Go for a culinary tour in Lucknow to witness the richness and antiquity. The famous foods in Lucknow will keep you engrossed! Ensure safety while you travel which is of utmost importance now. Carry the personal hygiene care items for a safe journey in Lucknow.

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