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Travel is the way to expand horizons! To experience new adventures or meet new interesting people, travel makes everything possible. Turn refreshed!

Pay per use hotels

Planning a weekend getaway? Just think of pay per use hotels!

Too busy to take a long vacation? Keep cool! All you need is to go on a weekend trip! Escape into nature, encounter joyful experiences and reenergize your soul without having to juggle your...
Travel places in India

Travelling more during this festive season? Visit these places during the long weekend!

The festive season begins in India!! After all the doom and gloom in the year, here comes a time to celebrate and travel as before. The whole nation looks colourful amid various festivals, and...
Plan a Sustainable Tourism

Plan a Sustainable Tourism. Think about it!!

The global tourism sector is all set for a revival after surviving the destructive pandemic. As people getting their vaccines and governments easing the travel ban gradually, travellers are thrilled to hit the roads...
Amazing Destinations in India

Most sought destinations in India to visit after lockdown

The lockdown has wreaked havoc on people in India. Now, the people slowly begin to step out of their homes with a few relaxations in lockdown. There is no travel except virtually experiencing the...
Go on a Road Trip

The essentials of road trips to make it so fascinating

The Spectacular roads in India invite many adventure travellers to take a road trip. A road trip is filled with ultimate fun, thrill, and a sense of flexibility. Steer through the stunning roads that...
Indian Festival

Indian Holidays: Book through Bag2bag and get discounts on Hotel bookings across India

Planning to explore India?  This blog is a must-read for those who are Native Indians, Foreigners who like to visit top destinations in India. We have listed Major Indian festivals and fabulous destinations to...
Problems in Business travel

Common problems you face in business travels

  When we travel on business, we want everything to go well. But sometimes, whatever our efforts, things do not go according to plan, regardless of the means of transport used. When things go...