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Spend 24 hours in Delhi- Food, tradition, and epic experiences

Delhi, the capital of India, is steeped in wonderful tradition and still holds the upbeat metropolitan lifestyle. The rustic appearance of the city would take a breath away from travellers. Jam-packed markets and scrumptious...
Cultural Places in India

Amazing destinations for art lovers in India

A brimful of breathtaking landscapes, cultural escapes, magnificent heritage, and diverse cuisines, India piques curiosity for travellers around the globe. The exuberance of India lies in its melange of various culture and traditions. A...
Hourly Hotels

Hotel stays become flexible -Book hotel by hour!!

You planned your vacation late and didn’t get any direct flight to Chandigarh from your hometown. So, you landed in Delhi and decided to explore the city before proceeding towards Chandigarh. You need to...