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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Beachside Getaways
  • Go Wild
  • Experience Skiing
  • Heritage Visits
  • Road Trips
  • Visit the electrifying Theme Parks 
  • Taste refreshing tropical dishes and drinks
  • Summary


The summer is calling and we are here with the best ideas to help you enjoy this season. From discovering ancient treasures and going on road trips to taking beach breaks, incredible experiences await this summer. Doing nothing is the best way to spend the summer holiday. While you embark on your epic summer journeys, Bag2Bag offers the best collection of resorts and homestays across charming destinations. 

Beachside Getaways

Ready to capture the lazy summer vibes? India offers heavenly beach getaways with local experiences. While Goa guarantees the rollicking beach activities, Gokarna offers quiet beaches alongside religious destinations. Likewise, you can visit Pondicherry to stand in awe of its colonial beauty and unwind on the beaches. Craving an authentic Kerala vacation? Then, hit the crescent beaches of Kovalam and detox your soul with herbal treatments. You can dream of different beach hideaways and immerse yourself in a cool summer holiday. Dip your toes in golden beach sands, paddle out the toughest sea waves, go fishing and explore various adventures. Bag2Bag offers beach resorts and homestays to let travellers double up the fun this summer. 

beachside getaways

Go Wild

Getting deep into the wilderness will make you fall in love with nature again. Travellers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning a wildlife trip in India. Admire the majesty of the oldest trees, go on a jungle safari to spot epic wildlife creatures and take forest walks to await new surprises on every corner. The places such as Ranthambore National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Nanda Devi, etc., provide a peek into the diverse wildlife habitats of India. 

With Bag2Bag, you can grab a jungle cottage to tune into the rustling foliage, rhythmic chirping of birds and scariest noises of animals. Look for the ultimate forest bathing experiences this summer. Eco-conscious travellers cannot miss wandering the impassable jungles in India. 


Experience Skiing 

Would you fancy crazy adventure sports? Visit the dove white mountains for the best skiing experiences. Travellers can choose from a plethora of skiing destinations in India that ensures a world-class adventure experience. Head to the places like Auli, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Manali, etc., to fuel your inner adrenaline. Glide down swiftly on the enchanting snow slopes with a pair of ski poles. Skilled skiers can choose high-altitude peaks for heightened enthusiasm. 

Treat your eyes to the views of sweet-smelling deodar and pine trees with a puff of powdery snow clinging to the branches. Wake up to a crisp snowy morning while staying in the mountain resorts. Embrace snow-filled adventures this summer season. 


Heritage visits

Do you need a reason to celebrate the rich heritage of India? The summer season just adds to the charm. Take a deep dive into history and explore India like never before. Royal forts and monuments, temples, glittering palaces, art galleries and museums preserve precious treasures of history. Witness the ancient remnants that take you back to the glorious old days. From marvelling at the grandeur and appreciating ornate architectural patterns to understanding historical values, take a stunning heritage trip in India. Elaborate paintings and florid textile designs exhibit the cultural legacy and luxury living of the royal families. Visit the most sought-after heritage destinations such as Delhi, Hampi, Agra, Jaipur, Hyderabad, etc. Bag2Bag offers grand haveli-inspired resorts and villas to let travellers experience a regal lifestyle like a king. 

heritage visits

Road Trips

How about fitting in a short road trip amidst the hectic schedule? Pack for a picnic and explore the nearby places. Vibe to the summer playlist tunes while capturing the views of pleasant greeneries. If you live near attractive weekend getaways, drive down the twisting roads for a few hours to enjoy a cosy trip amidst nature. Set up a grand summer picnic spread on the lush grass banks overlooking glittering lakes or magnificent peaks. Perk up the picnic spot with creative games after savouring indulgent dishes and drinks. Play cards, solve jigsaw puzzles and try similar board games with your loved ones. Also, you can opt for nature walks to encounter cascading falls along the way.  

road trips

Visit the electrifying Theme Parks 

Finding it hard to plan a long vacation? Chill! Visit the sprawling amusement parks to enjoy a fun day out with your family. Spend a day experiencing thrilling rides, exciting watersports and spine-chilling activities. Cities such as Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore have several exhilarating theme parks to delight travellers. When you can’t visit the spellbinding hill stations, visit the snow-themed parks for the ultimate exultance. Buckle up for the rollercoaster ride, take a plunge in the artificial shower and challenge yourself to swing and jump rides. Grab a quick bite from the in-house eateries or take a lazy stroll in the well-manicured garden. Enliven your spirits with a quick visit to the adventure theme parks.

theme parks

Taste refreshing tropical dishes and drinks

Guzzle on icy tropical drinks, savour refreshing seasonal fruits and indulge in delectable dishes. Hit your favourite tropical destination to taste these varieties in their pure form. Bag2Bag introduces hotels with pre-booked meals to ensure a new dimension of luxury for travellers. Snooze away in the beachfront resorts this summer to catch the languid charm. Lounge around the pool to whip up a hearty summer meal and look for similar recreational features. Sip on drinks such as Aam Panna, Sharbat, Lassi and Lemon Squash to escape the scorching heat. 

tropical dish


Loosen up in the most pristine destinations to soak in the summer season. Look for several experiences to retain the joy!


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