Spend 24 hours in Lucknow: Explore the greatness

Lucknow is a city that magically intertwines heritage with modernity. Rumi Darwaza, a glorious Mughal gateway, splits the city into Old Lucknow and New Lucknow. The city of Nawabs is also a land of exquisite kebabs. Mughal structures in Lucknow exude pure artistic brilliance. The beautiful charm present in the city makes it one of the most fabulous historical destinations in India. Enter the streets of old Lucknow to shop for authentic products and experience the vigour. Also, Lucknow city accommodates graceful gardens, glitzy malls, fancy restaurants and other modern infrastructure amenities. Spend 24 hours in Lucknow to soak up the diverse culture and ultimately savour the native Awadhi delicacies. 

Classic Lucknowi Breakfast

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in the iconic food joints. Travellers can choose from simple vegetarian options to flavour-packed meat dishes to start their day on a perfect note. A desi breakfast in Lucknow consists of Kachori, Jalebi, Chole Bhature, and Sabzi. Breakfast tradition in Lucknow gets more luscious with Kulcha Nihari. Who doesn’t love the divine combination of flaky bread with rich mutton stew? A cup of fragrant chai and bun makhan would help when you want to eat less in the morning. 

Nihari Kulcha

A quick dive into heritage

Lucknow finely displays the magnum opus structures built in Mughlai and Colonial styles. Admire the royal sight while visiting the famous heritage landmarks in the city. To delve deeper into the rich culture of Lucknow, choose a guided heritage walk. Head off to the places like Bara Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Gol Darwaja, Chowk Bazaar, Lal Pul, etc. Get an unforgettable experience, and this is a must-try if you are a history buff. 

heritage structure

Biryani and Kebabs for Lunch

Lucknow has always been a heaven for food lovers. Biryani and Kebabs elevate your lunch experience in Lucknow. Immaculate cooking methods, a blend of rare spices, and succulent meat parts have made Lucknowi Biryani an epicurean delight. Awadhi’s version of Biryani has garnered a legion of fans across the country. Pair the Biryani with Galouti Kebab, an inventive and royal dish of Lucknow. You can also savour many more kebab varieties. Add the copious amount of Chicken Korma for a satisfying Lunch. 

Biryani and Kebab

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Hourly hotels

Shopping in age-old bazaars

Lucknow is home to several intriguing shopping bazaars. The old serpentine lanes of the city flaunt colourful clothes, sparkling handicrafts, jewellery, and so on. Shop for Chikan, a traditional hand embroidery craft of Lucknow. Indulge in retail therapy across the best areas of Lucknow, all at bargain prices. Visit these shopping bazaars such as Janpath Market, Chowk, Hazratganj, Aminabad, etc. Take a quick stopover in the streetside eateries to taste the Chaat items. Don’t forget to try the authentic Basket Chaat and feel the flavour explosion in your mouth. 


Spend 24 hours in Lucknow to experience the sumptuous heritage like no other.


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