Spend 24 hours in Kolkata: An escape into the spellbinding culture!

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A city that is drenched in colonial-era charm, Kolkata has admirably enraptured travellers from distant places. Get a dollop of joyful experiences while roaming across the captivating landscapes of Kolkata. Fondly known as the city of joy, Kolkata exhibits distinct cultural backgrounds and exciting heritage monuments. The streets of Kolkata will have a story to tell, and they hold the real buzz. Food lovers can gorge on authentic flavours and satiate their tingling taste buds. Above all, Howrah Bridge stands as a symbol of Kolkata with its remarkable setting. Hooghly river flows across the Howrah Bridge and remains a true spectacle. Spend 24 hours in Kolkata to have the most colourful travel experience! 

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Glimpse into the city’s iconic architecture

Kolkata is where different cultures intermingle to make it more enchanting for travellers. The presence of stately architecture in the city reflects cultural richness. Kolkata showcases a covetable number of magnificent structures to attract historical buffs. Victoria Memorial, Paul’s Cathedral, Indian Museum, Marble Palace Mansion, Writers Building, etc., preserves the glorified legacy of Kolkata. After relishing the brilliant architectural display, step inside the building to find attractive murals and souvenirs. Therefore, get a quick peek into history and admire it endlessly!


Temple visit

While religious practices and architectural patterns may differ, temples in Kolkata essentially offer spiritual enlightenment for all. Offer prayers to your beloved gods and get your wishes fulfilled. Above all, Mother Durga is considered the most powerful goddess in Kolkata. Kalighat Kali Temple, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Birla Mandir, Pareshnath Jain Temple, etc., remains the famous temples in Kolkata. 


Experiencing Kolkata through Food

Be it traditional Bengali Cuisine or flavourful Chinese dishes, Kolkata offers a potpourri of delectable cuisines. Locals would prefer enjoying a generous bite of Kolkata Biriyani, tangy fish curry and similar food courses. Melt in the mouth sweets can give a perfect finishing touch to the filling meal. Appropriate usage of different spices helps in preserving the taste and consistency. When it comes to quick bites, Kathi Roll is a signature dish of the city. In addition, the other evening snacks can be Puchka, Egg Roll, Papri Chaat, etc. 

Kolkata Food

Budget-friendly shopping

Indulge in the ultimate shopping as Kolkata boasts an endless list of fascinating streetside shopping options. Without spending a ton, you can look for a colourful shopping experience! From traditional attire, handicrafts, and jewellery to home accessories, shop for everything. Shopaholics can wait for a mesmerizing experience! Soak up the dynamic nature of the city while roaming around the bustling lanes.  

Street shopping

Epic tram ride

To imbibe the spirits of Kolkata in its original form, opt for a historical tram ride. Hop on to the tram and get a dose of nostalgia. Travellers can now admire the irresistible beauty of Kolkata. For instance, take the route that connects areas between Esplanade and Shyambazar. Enjoy the old Calcutta through a heritage tram ride. 


Make the most of 24 hours in Kolkata and therefore look for different cultural experiences! 


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