Precautions while you step out to travel again

Travel Safety

The world is slowly returning to the original colour after having suffered enough for a period of 4 months. To escape from the infection, even the people locked themselves behind the doors. Now, the stay at home constraints are being relaxed and people are allowed to travel with some precautions. There is no way for countries other than this to revive the economy as it has hit badly on several sectors such as travel, tourism, and hospitality. The various restaurants and tourist spots around the world begin to welcome travellers again. Employ all the important safety tips during your trip.

How can you stay away from the spread while visiting public places? Is it safer to visit the public parks with your kids? Ensure all the prudent measures in place wherever you wander out of your home. Safety measures may vary depending on the places you visit but you should consider it to enjoy your trip ultimately.

Always carry essential items 

The few things have become necessary when you travel at this time. Fill your travel bag with items such as hand sanitiser with higher alcohol content, disinfectant wipes, face mask, and tissues. These things can take care of your personal hygiene levels and safeguard from the potential disease-spreading germs. Utilize the hygiene products repeatedly so as to lower the chance of infection. To make your body resistant to the spread, cleaning hands and disinfecting things frequently is vital. Disinfectant wipes are imperative to make the contact surfaces germ-free. You should always remain cautious before using surfaces that have touched by many like escalators, doorknobs, ATM machines, and so on.

sanitized Hands

Follow this when you board flights

Try to reduce human contact and utilize technology to a greater extent. Practise a distance of feet from others when you visit public places. Avoid boarding the crowded flights, bus or train where you may expose to the contagious virus. As it is not advisable to eat inside the aircraft, there is no food facility available for the passengers. Utilize the contactless payment options as much you can while travelling. Though the aeroplane is installed with filters to provide high-quality air to passengers, it’s better to opt for a window seat. Make sure that your personal stuff is properly sanitized before getting out of your home. The check-in processes are made online to minimize human contact in several airports.

Follow this when you board flights

Book a highly sanitized hotel room

Book only the hotel room that assures utmost cleanliness. This can be found easily with the help of reviews. Also, you can visit the hotel website to know about the safety measures being employed. Wipe all the highly exposed areas with the disinfectant such as sink faucet handles, light switches, doorknobs, remote control, and cups. Prefer booking the hotels that offer special amenities like a restaurant, gym with a high level of cleanliness. Bag2Bag Hotel and homes is continuously in touch with their Hotel partners to ensure and educate about safety measures so our customers can enjoy well sanitized and clean homes and hourly hotel rooms.  Maintain 6 feet distance from others and embrace the no-contact method in most of the situations. Housekeeping person is allowed only if requested by users. Wash your hands after using the bathrooms and apply hand sanitizers often to avoid the spread.

Book a highly sanitized hotel room

Other safety tips

When you take road trips, using public restrooms may be unavoidable. In such cases, cleaning hands with soaps or sanitizers can help you prevent the spread. Avoid travelling to severely affected areas and follow all the necessary safety tips. It’s better to stay home if you are ill and don’t be the one to spread the disease. 

Travel is exciting even now if you follow certain safety principles. Come out of your home to relish the beautiful landscapes once again! Book an hourly stay with Bag2Bag during your trip.


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