Planning a weekend getaway? Just think of pay per use hotels!

Pay per use hotels

Too busy to take a long vacation? Keep cool! All you need is to go on a weekend trip! Escape into nature, encounter joyful experiences and reenergize your soul without having to juggle your schedule. Whether you love sitting on pristine beaches or trying extreme adventures, weekend escapes will let every traveller rejoice. Visit places that are not too far away from home to save travel time. Instead, utilize the time to lounge around the vacation spot. Living amid the hustle of a metropolitan lifestyle? There are many spectacular getaways to explore on a weekend from the popular cities of India. With the pay per use hotels, travellers can experience an affordable stay. Book hotels for a few hours during your trip to luxuriate in the perfect space. Family travellers, solo travellers, and couples can benefit from the presence of hourly hotels

Ideal stay for all moments

Reached your destination in the early morning? Check into the hotel right away and get ready to explore the place. You can even look for night stay options with Bag2Bag Rooms. Just grab the best hourly hotels for your needs and that too at lower prices. What if you have to deal with a heavy downpour? Relax in the hotel room until the rain stops and set out for a fun-filled vacation experience. Backpackers can use pay per use hotels for a quick stay and then roam around the local destination. Awaken the wanderlust in you! 

Best hourly hotels

Complements your vacation

An enriching hospitality experience will always make for a memorable vacation. Millennial couples, avid backpackers and families can enjoy an exclusive stay and access all the world-class amenities. Also, you don’t have to book the hotel in advance as you can access the last-minute hotel booking. The instant checkin and checkout options will add to your comfort! The recreational facilities such as gym, spa, swimming pools will allow you to lounge around during your stay. Pay-per-use hotels make every traveller recount their best trips! 

couple hotels

Affordable pricing

Millennial travellers highly prefer pay-per-use hotels as it guarantees exceptional convenience and value for money. When you don’t need to stay in a hotel for an entire day, you can refreshen up quickly and go sightseeing. Pay for the hours you stay and go lighter on your wallet! You can even check into various hotels on the same day if you are on a road trip with the presence of hourly pricing. Look for a safe and flexible day stay with Bag2Bag Rooms and reduce your travel expenses considerably. 

Go on a hibernation mode at least during the weekends and bring back the energy that you will need for a joyful life!


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