Plan a Sustainable Tourism. Think about it!!

Plan a Sustainable Tourism

The global tourism sector is all set for a revival after surviving the destructive pandemic. As people getting their vaccines and governments easing the travel ban gradually, travellers are thrilled to hit the roads again. Also, travel experts forecast that there will be more attention on sustainable travel in the long haul. The rapid rise in global tourism had led to glaring consequences like overtourism, excessive carbon emission, environmental change. A demand for embracing sustainable tourism seems to be intense ever since the covid outbreak. 

Resumption of the tourism sector combined with sustainable ideas only will care for the environment and its prosperity. So, it’s time to reconsider how we travel moving forward. Travellers around the globe recognize the current situation as a wake-up call to travel more responsibly in the future. 

What exactly is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable travel is not just limited to reusing the products or reducing the carbon footprint. It’s a more comprehensive approach to striking the harmony between economic progress, human welfare, and environmental safety. Sustainable tourism is the continuous process of boosting the positive impacts on different cultures, communities, and the earth. Instead of having a mere consumer interaction, delve deeper into the culture of the host community. Sustainable travel trends will set to soar in the future. Book Bag2Bag hotels, homes and experiences for quality accommodations from all over India with Bag2Bag website and app on android and iOS.

Spending more time on a particular destination

While you plan crammed travel itinerary to tick your bucket list destinations soon, you may miss out on delightful moments. Rather than admiring the place, you will most probably spend more time chasing your flights or trains. Just calm down, make yourself familiar with the destination, and carry memories of a lifetime! Look for ways to connect with local people, hear interesting stories and experience the unique bond. Explore the local art, heritage, and savour the local delicacies! Mingling with locals will also introduce you to the destination’s hidden secrets.

Sustainable Tourism

Support local communities

You can help tourism thrive in several places that are severely hit without any visitors. The host communities can rebound from the crisis when you back regional businesses and people. Prefer accommodation in a local homestay, buy local products, and exchange bond with the host communities. Be a part of amazing heritage wherever you go! You will fall in love with the authentic jewellery items or silk fabrics that exhibit finer work. Register for an art workshop or learn to cook native dishes. This way, you won’t do any harm to society or the planet.

Support local communities

Explore the unexplored

Going off the beaten track will allow travellers to explore the destinations in a relaxed manner. No hurry, no crowds certainly make for a pleasant travel experience. Embark on a journey to discover the hidden gem! The less explored places can be worthwhile than the popular destinations that have been experiencing overtourism. It is always better to avoid the peak season and conduct detailed research before hitting the roads. 

Explore the unexplored

Minor contribution from travellers

Minimizing plastics usage is one of the simplest ways to involve in sustainable travel. Carry reusable stainless water bottles and similar stuff while going for a hike or road trip. These are the minor changes that preserve natural resources and leave positive impacts on the environment. Also, choosing domestic travel destinations, accessing green transportation will lead to a low-carbon footprint.

The pandemic has pushed several travellers to rethink sustainable trips, which many will follow suit. 

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