Offbeat experiences in Coorg: Things you didn’t know about this hill station

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Virajpet
  • Kodava Culture
  • Puthari Festival
  • Nisargadhama Island
  • Chelavara Falls
  • Chiklihole Reservoir
  • Coffee Estate Homestays in Coorg
  • Summary


Travellers looking to seek respite in nature usually touch down Coorg. The Scotland of India vaunts the best of green hill slopes, gushing water streams, impenetrable rain forests and snow-kissed peaks. Travellers can enjoy the perfect hodgepodge of culture, history and natural beauty in Coorg. From taking coffee-tasting trails and visiting religious attractions to experiencing adrenaline-pumping adventures, explore different elements of Coorg. Hit this idyllic hill destination and relish the offbeat experiences in Coorg. 


The tranquil hilly hamlet of Virajpet remains the leading honey producer in Asia besides its striking natural beauty. While Coorg is known for its coffee, Virajpet Honey has also put this hill destination on the map. Wander along the Virajpet Market to buy pure honey sourced from nature. Go temple-hopping, try epic adventures and peek into the historical charm of Virajpet. The Place offers a plethora of temples and colonial-era churches to intrigue travellers. Enjoy the best honey-tasting experience while delving deeper into the tropical forests of Virajpet. Treat your eyes to the sweeping views of spice plantations. 


Kodava Culture

The ethnic culture of Coorg is vibrant and reflects the ethos of nature. Get a chance to witness the grand and bygone-era Kodava tradition. The aboriginal people of Coorg, Kodava, pride themselves in being a brave warrior community. Experience the finest display of colourful costumes with indigenous design patterns, folk music, dance, language, food and eco-friendly architecture. Coorg is still rooted in the tradition where the locals live in harmony with nature. The traditional attire of Kodava involves intertwining nature with painstaking textile arts. Plan your trip during festivals to behold unique customs vividly. 

kodava culture

Puthari Festival

Puthari means “New Rice”, which signifies the rice cultivation festival. The harvest festival of Coorg turns this unassuming hill destination into a grand spectacle. Visit Coorg during November and December to take part in this jubilant festival. This auspicious week-long festival showcases tribal music and dance, indulgent local dishes, sports and authentic celebrations. Locals gather together to serve sweets to Gods and worship their work tools. The other colourful festivals of Coorg include Kail Polud and Kaveri Sankramana. Be sure to attend these seasonal festivities of Coorg to discover its rarely explored sides. 

puthari festival

Nisargadhama Island

Hidden in the Kushalnagar part of Coorg, Nisargadhama Island offers a whimsical retreat for nature lovers. Dense bamboo groves, copious greens and the majesty of the River Cauvery retain the natural charm of Nisargadhama. This enchanting river island offers plenty of activities such as Elephant rides, boating, forest bathing and deer spotting. A perfect weekend hideaway for all! Would you fancy staying in river-side cottages? Reserve fanciful cottages and treehouses on this island and dwell in nature. The scenic views of River Cauvery endlessly mesmerize travellers. 

nisargadhama island

Chelavara Falls

Descending from the mighty River Cauvery, Chelavara Falls remains one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Coorg. Water drizzles over bumpy rocks from a great altitude to fill the divinity pool at the bottom amidst dense foliage. Besides marvelling at its pictorial setting, travellers can feel the adrenaline pumping with great adventure activities. The unmissable adventures to try in the river include waterfall rappelling, camping and river rafting. Hike along the challenging terrains to reach this waterfall and soak in the magical charm. Chelavara Falls is a crowd-free and offbeat getaway in Coorg. 

chelavara falls

Chiklihole Reservoir

Nestled amidst Kushalnagar and Madikeri, Chiklihole Reservoir is the less-explored gem in Coorg. Capture the blissful sight of the voluminous and clear water of the Chiklihole River. Hit this unusual travel location to stand in awe of the greeneries and soak in the calmness. Family travellers can spread the picnic blanket on the lush lawn and wait until dawn to witness the sun weaving its magic in the sky.   

chiklihole reservoir

Coffee Estate Homestays in Coorg

Cosy up in a bountiful coffee estate and wake up to magical hill views. Catch the sights and sounds of nature in its untouched form. The place is where the symphony of birds and caressing breeze will be your alarm calls in the morning. Take a lazy stroll in the coffee estate, enjoy the pleasant weather and brew your perfect cuppa directly from the aromatic beans. Supercharge your morning with sumptuous local delicacies before setting out to explore hidden attractions. Book coffee estate homestays in Coorg with Bag2Bag and look for heavenly stay experiences. 

coffee estate homestays


Go and explore the offbeat experiences in Coorg now! Spend time in nature and be a part of the unique culture.  


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