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Noida is an amply-structured industrial city existing very close to the capital city of India. Noida, one of the prominent IT hubs of India, is also bundled with numerous sky-scraping buildings. The city has faced immense developments in the industrial sector and serves as a dwelling for people with high standards of living. Also, the city never fails to amuse the day travellers with loads of fun-filled and entertainment activities. To offer a placid atmosphere amidst the hustling lifestyle, Noida is embellished with flourishing gardens.

From swanky pubs, modern restaurants, to delightful roadside eateries, Noida is heaven for food lovers. Don’t forget to try the authentic delicacies of North India! While roaming around the city or planning for a short trip to Delhi, you can make use of the day use hotels offered by Bag2Bag. So,just go for shopping in the state-of-the-art malls or cramming streets of Noida which is a truly amazing activity here. Noida is a complete destination for day travellers

Worlds of Wonder

This adventurous theme park is the highly preferable attraction spot among the travellers visiting Noida. Sprawling over 10 acres of land with electrifying rides and stimulating water slides, the options of joy are endless in the Worlds of Wonder park. To beautify the area further, a plethora of green trees have been planted here. To seek the utmost elation, set out for the rides such as Big Beat, Rockin Roller, Shangai Swinger, Download Ride, etc. The park also has an exclusive zone called La Fiesta to cherish the kids. The presence of things like Go-karting, rain dancing, and delectable eateries will hook you for a whole day.

Buddh International Circuit

This is one of the distinguished and most sophisticated race tracks in India. Situated in the Greater Noida region, this circuit extends for 10 sq km where people go crazy with the resounding noise of engines. A feel of rush, thrill, and excitement is all around! Witness the metallic bodies going around you so swiftly in the curvy roads amidst the blustering air. The place is a treat for F1 race freaks.

Brahmaputra Market

The alluring aroma of the food smothers all across the Brahmaputra Market and thus offering an absolute gem of a feast for foodies. The food stalls add new dynamism to the market where one can taste succulent dishes to satisfy the tingling taste buds. From chats, Arabian delicacies, to meat dishes, this market is a complete delight. The market is hosting some of the popular food joints such as Balle Balle Chinese Counter, Lakshmi Coffee House, 221 B Baker Street, and Kapoor’s Balle Balle that serve flavoursome foods. After you have smacked enough dishes, stay comfortably at hourly hotels offered by Bag2Bag.

DLF Mall of India

Noida is already brimmed with sufficient malls but what makes DLF Mall so unique? People always prefer malls which offers them a voluminous range of fun activities and shopping centres. As DLF Mall is the third-largest shopping mall in India, it has got enough in the store to entertain the visitors. Indeed, the mall houses distinct food joints and assigns a separate space for the food court where you can find appetizing dishes from different cuisines. To make a more stylish appeal, apparels of various popular International brands can be purchased here.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

This eye-pleasing bird sanctuary is located at a place where the river Yamuna burst in the state of Uttar Pradesh.Hence, Okhla Bird Sanctuary provides shelters to different plant species and variety of charming birds. Bird watchers can admire the beauty of birds such as Sarus Crane, Sociable Lapwing, Baer’s Pochard, Baikal Teal, Indian Skinmer, Lesser Adjutant, and many more. Witness the airy wings of the rare species that floats gently on the sky! Ideal hangout place for inquisitive bird watchers.

Noida Golf Course

This is the time for some serious golfing! A wide-ranging course with resplendent amenities attracts a huge set of golf enthusiasts all around the globe. Noida Golf Course offers the well-groomed plush green fairways that consist of 18-holes. So, It additionally provides 4 sets of tees for players of different skill levels. Barring this golf course, you can look out for other facilities include a coffee shop, restaurants, pubs, billiard rooms, gym, etc.

This is how Noida can astonish travellers of all age groups! Bag2Bag offers hotels for a few hours, hotels for day use and most affordable night stay in Noida which is highly recommended for travellers.

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