Apartments with full kitchen and hotel like amenities in Bangalore

Apartments wth special amenties!

The serviced apartments are highly booming in modern cities like Bangalore since the benefits are huge. Travellers feel inclined to book homestays in Bangalore if the stay is for a longer period. Are you distressed about finding a perfect long stay on your next visit to Bangalore? This is not a hassle anymore! Fully furnished apartments in Bangalore can suit you best even if you are willing to shift your base. It is more than just a place to sleep where you can enjoy the home-like ambience. 

Serviced apartments in Bangalore present a space to cook, work, unwind and ultimately allow you to live comfortably. The more exciting thing about service apartments is that it comes with exceptional amenities. Bag2Bag offers extended service apartments in Bangalore to serve leisure travellers, business travellers, couples, and so on. 

Well-equipped kitchen facilities

To make travellers feel convenient during the stay, service apartments accompanies a fully stocked kitchen. Cherish the freedom to cook delicious foods on your own! Elegant cookwares, dishwares, and modern appliances in the sleekly designed kitchen will comfort you away from home. Even being able to make sandwiches or brew a perfect cup of coffee matters very much throughout your stay. Why spend too much by eating at the restaurants? Just make good use of the dazzling kitchen to save more. It also soothes the distress to make your stay more exciting.

Well-equipped kitchen facilities

Vast living space

The assortment of facilities is put in place to meet the needs of travellers. Service apartments in Bangalore usually offer more versatility in your accommodation. A blend of voguish hotel concept and home like comfort has seriously prompted travellers to book homestays in Bangalore. Business people, couples, and families expect a generous room to loosen up following a tiring journey. So, extra amenities like the table, kitchen sets, spacious room, lounge, beds, etc in the service apartments make for a pleasant stay. Fully furnished apartments in Bangalore decisively fits the digital nomads who have the desire to mingle with locals.

Vast living space

More amenities at a reasonable price

An extended stay in Bangalore can be availed at a modest rate via Bag2Bag. Also, Bag2Bag offers astonishing deals and discounts to turn your visit more special. Rooms in the serviced apartments are gigantic than the usual hotel room. Moreover, you can live in a place that comes with quality service to suffice your needs. Service apartments can easily accommodate more person if you travel as a group. Thus, in turn, provides sheer comfort and cost you less than an actual hotel room. The best part is that you are free to use all the special amenities in the service apartments

More amenities at a reasonable price

Enjoy the additional services

Service apartments are frequently seen as a fill in for homes owing to the extreme convenience lies in it. Therefore, homestays should be facilitated with excellent services. Extra rooms, kids section, laundry services, modern kitchen facilities, janitor, reliable Wi-Fi connection, and generous meeting space will serve travellers in the finest way. Like your home, you can expect a composed environment and revel in the utmost privacy. Corporate travellers can use service apartments to perform tasks which is also a place to relax. The presence of fitness centres, spa, and swimming pool in the service apartments can help you catch a break amid the working hours. 

Bag2Bag offers service apartments in all the major localities of Bangalore to aid all kind of travellers. Fully furnished apartments in Bangalore can make your stay further flexible when you book via Bag2Bag


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