Explore the blissful peaks of Chikmagalur

The state of Karnataka is blessed wholly with mother nature as it boasts some of the most ravishing hill stations all around. There is no dearth for natural charm in the land of Chikmagalur which is also a part of archaic Western Ghats. The tempting aroma of coffee beans smothers everywhere in Chikmagalur! Book Hourly Stay Hotels and enjoy the stay.

You can’t ask for a perfect invitation to the land than this. This euphoric land greets you with surrealistic pictures along the way which is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle city lifestyle of Bangalore. Take away the hoards of joy in the thick of nature by visiting this land of little wonder. A complete weekend escape from Bangalore which is a mere 240 Km away.  You can either travel by bus or car.  

The Mullayanagiri Trek

Soar high to the top of Mullayanagiri peak and feel elated with the sceneries it offers! Such a gratifying hike to experience in the land of Chikmagalur. Mullayanagiri peak presents the all-encompassing view of skyscraping mountains embellished with floating white clouds like a scene in your favourite fantasy movie. Trekking is highly enjoyed by the adventure fanatics due to the existence of astounding trails. Set your foot on these perilous peaks to satiate your adventure nerves! Trekking always tests your determination by putting you in toughest paths. Take this as a motivation to get to the top.

Coffee Museum

Do you want to know the details behind making a flawless brew of your favourite drink? Coffee Museum situated in Chikmagalur will supply you with a surprising history of coffee in India. Machines are placed there to explain each step involved in finer roasting of beans. As the museum take shelter among the abundantly grown green trees and little coffee plantation areas, just roam around for a better replenishment.

Kalhatti Falls

Violent passage of water plunging down the mountains amidst the impenetrable forests will stir your soul endlessly. You will find some antique stone carvings of Hindu gods and a temple near this falls. Admire the sanctity offered by Kalhatti falls! Snowy water wash away all the trees in the mountain and reach you finally for offering a herbal retreat. Beyond that, Kalhatti offers some spectacular trekking trails which takes you far in the lush greenness. As this place holding the spiritual values, people gather here in mass numbers for worshipping their lords.  


Heritage with a fusion of scenic green backdrop! The village of Bellavadi stands as an elegant symbol of South Indian architecture. The presence of Veer Narayana Temple makes the place more intriguing. This temple was constructed in the manner of paying tribute to Belavadi Mallamma, a valiant warrior who put up a courageous fight with Maratha kings in history. Authentic exhibition of Hoysalas subtle art and architecture.

Chikmagalur Golf Club   

Enjoy golfing at the midst of staggering hills. Swing your stick hard and aim for a birdie at one of the extensive 18 holes offered by this club. Additionally, it provides the facilities of fine-dining, accommodation, and lounge. You can make your entry through Bangalore club or Karnataka golf club. The club also offers golf equipment for hire at a reasonable price. Kick start your golfing in the well-maintained course which is also acting as the habitat for a few of the unique birds.

Rafting in Bhadra River

Spouting of white waters will surely rush you for experiencing the adventure in the picturesque landscape of Chikmagalur. Boat your way through the high current of water and feel the joy of adrenaline pumping. Let loose the adventure buff in you for a period of 1.5 hrs which covers the range of 8 km. Also, get mesmerized by some of the stunning views offered over there. So,  Book Hourly Stay Hotels through Bag2Bag and save on expenses.

A memorable trip filled with adventure, divinity, and serenity. You don’t require a year-long plan to visit Chikmagalur. Just fix and be ready for an enchanting journey!  Book Hourly Stay Hotels and have a comfortable stay.

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