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Carnival is a colorful and exuberant celebration that takes place annually in Goa, India. This celebration of carnival at goa typically takes place in the days leading up to the Christian season of Lent. Goans celebrate this event with great enthusiasm and joy. Hence they wait for it eagerly every year.

This joyful event represents the fusion of Portuguese and Indian cultures. The vibrant music, dance, costumes, and food characterize this fusion. Goa will celebrate carnival in 2023 from 18th February to 21st February. So, plan your trip accordingly to witness this marvel.

History of carnival at Goa

Church in Goa

The Carnival was introduced by the Portuguese during their colonial rule in Goa. However goans celebrate it with the same passion to this day. Initially, this event was celebrated to welcome spring after the end of a brutal winter during the pre-Christian era. 

However, the spread of Christianity changed the purpose of its celebration. Now it markes the beginning of the lenten season which is a period of 40 days before Easter.

Goa started celebrating this festival after the Roman Catholic Church was established in the state post-Portuguese conquest. Even after Goa proclaimed freedom in 1961 from the colonial rule of the Portuguese, the fun-loving people of this state maintained the tradition of celebrating the colorful festival of Carnival.

Places where carnival is happening in Goa

Goa celebrates Carnival over a period of three days. The processions of carnival goes through Panaji, Margao, Vasco da Gama, and Mapusa. However,  the most famous and largest celebrations take place in the capital city of Panaji and the coastal town of Vasco. The celebration typically takes place in the month of February making it the best time to visit Goa. 

Specialties of carnival at Goa

Processions during carnival

The event begins with a grand parade known as the “King Momo Parade,” which is led by King Momo. He is a symbolic figure who represents the festival’s spirit. Later the floats follow the king’s parade. These are beautifully decorated processions that are usually themed around different aspects of Goan culture. These include goan history, tradition, festivals, alongside local myths and legends.

 The parade also features traditional folk dances such as the Fugdi, Dhalo, and Corridinho. The sounds of dhol, a traditional Indian drum, and the tasha, a percussion instrument accompany these traditional dances. The red and black dance is another popular dance of this event. This dance is typically held on the last night of the celebration. The name of this dance is fairly straightforward as during this performance the participants dress up in red and black attire and dance to the beats of traditional Goan music.

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Properties/Accommodations during carnival at Goa

Indismart Woodbourne Resort in Goa

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All in all, the Carnival in Goa is a vibrant and exciting celebration that brings together people from all walks of life to enjoy music, dance, food, and drink. The festival blends different cultures, and its vibrant parades, floats, and music make it a memorable experience for all. Anyone who loves to experience different cultures and festivals shouldn’t miss the celebration of Carnival this year in Goa.

Check out this YouTube video to know more about Goa Carnival.


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