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Staying safe and isolated amid the pandemic is highly imperative in India. As a result, all the cinema theatres and malls have been locked down. This further halted the shootings of films and TV shows. You have literally zero options in your hand to take your family outside. As you can’t visit the places boasting the fun and entertainment values, this is the time for transforming your living room into a mini theatre. You can unleash a good time with the number of engaging web series which will engross you to the extreme limit. Sit with your buddies, snack on your favourite popcorn, and watch your desired web series without break.

Different tales, new landscape, interesting story-telling can altogether offer you an immersive cinema experience. Therefore, passing time during the lockdown period is not a burden when you have some engaging web series to watch.

Sacred Games

This captivating thriller web series is an adaption of Vikram Chandra’s novel called Sacred Games. A gripping tale of cat and mouse game has enacted from the finely weaved screenplay. Ganesh Gaitonde, a Mumbai ganglord calls the police officer Sartaj Singh and asks him to rescue the city within 25 days. The story then moves in a rapid fashion where it unfolds a series of mystical events. After receiving the critical appreciation for the season 1, they have also released season 2 for all the movie buffs.

Available on: Netflix

The Family Man

The Family Man is an exciting spy-thriller series which revolves around the anecdote of a middle-class man. He serves as a secret agent under the special wing of the National Investigation Agency(NIA). As he sets out on a mission to defend the nation from terrorists, keeping a perfect composure between work and life becomes so hard. In addition, the restless nature of the job doesn’t even allow him to spend time with his family. The story is all about the interesting chase of the terrorists.

Available on: Amazon prime

Inside Edge

This web series discusses something new about cricket beyond its normal flashiness in India. The story of Inside Edge is based on an imaginary cricket team Mumbai Mavericks that takes part in the Power Play League. After that, the team faces several issues including match-fixing scandals. This gritty web series is relentless in exposing the reality behind the glitz and glamour of the cricket. What happens if the power and money combined with the luxuriant game of cricket? Just watch this real game! 

Available on: Amazon prime 

House of Cards

This web series falls under the genre of the political thriller and is a revision from the novel known as House of Cards. The story is staged in Washington, D.C. which involves Congressman Frank Underwood, a Democrat, House Majority Whip, and to name a few. When Frank is overlooked for the role of Secretary of State, he triggers intricate strategies to gain power. Above all, the entire series has to do with the motive of brutal egotism, power, lobbying, and treachery. 

Available on: Netflix

engaging web series


The world never easily forgets the carnage that happened in Chernobyl. The web series is developed in regard to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of April 1986, the worst nuclear burst that humans have ever faced and its eventuality. This five-part series brings down the real devastation caused due to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The web series also delineates the unexposed stories of the disaster along with the firefighters, volunteers, and crew of miners assigned with a job of drilling a crucial hole under Reactor 4.

Available on: Hotstar Premium

engaging web series

Made in Heaven

Cultural diversity is everywhere in India, especially, in Indian Wedding ceremonies. The opulent tradition fused with modern principles is really a treat to watch during the wedding rituals. The series depicts the story of wedding planners Tara and Karan, who operates an agency named Made in Heaven. Made in Heaven tries to expose the unknown side of the grand Indian weddings. Experience the grandeur of Indian weddings in every frame!.

Available on: Amazon prime 

engaging web series

Turn the monotonous lockdown time to a highly entertaining period by watching this set of engaging web series. Finally, staying indoors is made happy now!

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