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International Women’s day

International Women’s day! A day which is for all courageous women out there. The contemporary Women are marching with glory in whatever domain they pursue. They are surpassing men with their acumen in all core areas and bringing pride to the nation they dwell in. It is now nearly impossible to overlook their contribution to society over time. But did this occur all of a sudden? The harsh truth is No! They faced subjugation throughout history and are still experiencing oppression in some part of the world due to the existence of men with crude disposition. Anyhow, their victory overshadows the subjugation and proves that they are no way menial to men!  

A day that is for the Women of this modern age which commands for gender equality. International Women’s Day(IWD) is celebrated on 8th March every year to extol the cultural, political, economical, and social success of Women everywhere in the world without any difference. Every year, Women announce a specific IWD theme that endorses their agenda and for IWD 2020, their campaign theme is #EachforEqual.

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The world is brimming with Women travellers

Currently, there is nothing that Women can’t do. Even though certain things are projected in a manner to suppress them, they continually break the conventional shackles and making their own path in stellar fashion. Travelling was once looked like hobby just for men but with the years moved on, the travel landscape is perfectly balanced now. Travel, especially adventure travel is full of fun, thrill, and excitement.So, Many Women had the fear of leaving home, however, they have turned the world into their home by overcoming their fear. 

These are the days where they would easily roam around the world all alone. Solo female travel is getting more popular nowadays. Where do you go? What do you do? To whom do you mingle with?. It purely depends on you which gives the sense of freedom when you travel. So, It offers you the cherished moments in a new landscape filled with amazing people. Of Course, It pushes your confidence to a level higher and a perfect platform to know who actually you are?

Indeed, India offers some splendid getaways for Women travellers and if you require a stay during your travel, prefer booking rooms with Bag2Bag. So, Bag2Bag provides the most affordable and customized hours hotel room booking. We take delight in celebrating International Women’s Day and offering a flat discount of 150 for the wonderful women of our country. You can use coupon code WOMENSDAY150 while booking your hotel.

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